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  1. yes you can disable it just fine. You wont be able to access the NVCP but if you have no use for it or the settings within, by all means.
  2. lol he's delusional. Cross check your bad info against a real enthusiast site guy. I wish. You know how many people have posted an overclock at 5.0 or higher so far? Of the thousands of members on OCN? 1..... Lol. And that was with phase change. (Using refrigerant to cool the cpu to sub ambient temperature) and a delid! Please don't listen to him lest you fry your chip guys. Don't say i didn't warn ya. 1.25 at 4.4 on a non delid chip with anything short of water and you will likely be throttling. Not sure how I found this site, but phew its a good thing I did. Fwiw everyone's info looks in line, sound and legit, apart from mr. 4.9 at 1.25 on a non delid chip at that lol. Wouldn't even foster a post unless you were extremely fortunate. I may have even let that slide until you were pompous enough to say those were sbpecs that a "bad chip" would provide. Lol perhaps your confusing haswell with an amd cpu or the 3 series. Anyways, everyone is free to pick your poison, post back after every member of this site (except you of course) has results that don't come near that. Certainly a way to confirm your greatness then right? After all you did 4.9 stable at 1.25 on a non delid chip. Awaiting those pics
  3. I was clear, let's see some images of a non delid 4770k running stable at 4.9, I'll even give you a free pass on the voltage. However I know it's arguably an impossibility so I don't know why I bother. What was it u said? Bad chip? Oh no you said..... Very bad chip. Roflmao. Anyhow, like I had said and I thought I was clear. Misinformation doesn't help ANYONE, at some point even the poster will realize that.
  4. "Hi My 4770 is a really bad chip. Not delidded yet Its stable 4.6 1.25 it booth to win at 4.7 not stable H110 4.6 1.3v stable Aida and prime little to high temps LC 2xD5 560 rad 4.8 Aida prime high temps fsx 4.9 rockstable 1.42v SS -40C 5.2 ghz 1.48v Aida prime you name it 100% stable Run my new mems 2666 8 12 12 31 1T 1.7v they do 2800 8 12 12 31 1T 1.9v" So westman, by really bad you mean the best chip I've ever heard of? Or is this immature/trolling? Willing to bet my personal machine against the fact that not only are you not stable at those speeds and voltages (especially with a non delidded chip lol) but your not even posting. Everyone witnessed me calling you out. Screenshots or it didn't happen. I hate when people do this kinda crap. It has the opposite effect they are intending (épéen shrinkage) but it harms people looking for data that aren't in the know. People getting 4.6 stable WITH a delid and under a custom kit at those voltages have a good/better than average chip. Just to clear things up. Sigh