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  1. jimtownirish

    Windows 8.1 Full Screen Mode

    Am I the only one who is unable to run FSX in full screen mode with ANY addons? I cannot start any addons without my PC going into windowed mode automatically. When I press alt+enter, I get a black screen, or I am able to interact with the add on but not FSX. In windowed mode everything works perfectly. I played with my graphics card (gpu and cuda) options but nothing is working. It's simply annoying. For instance, FSCopilot uses a radio tool. I am able to use the tool, but the moment I click on anything within FSX, the radio tool disappears behind the window. I am using a single screen as of now and applied single screen settings in my Nvidia settings but it didn't help. I didn't have this problem with any other platform prior to windows 8. Are any of you out there also using Windows 8.1 and FSInn/FSCopilot WITHOUT this issue? Please help. I suppose I can settle with the windowed mode, but I shouldn't have to. Thanks for any ideas you can offer.
  2. jimtownirish

    Help with FSInn

    I have an update to my issue. Overnight, because crap like this prevents me from sleeping, I decided to dl squawkbox. I am having the exact same issue. It is not connecting based on a time out scenario. I proceeded to turn off my Kaspersky Antivirus and the firewall. I went as far as to right a new rule for the firewall giving SBox permission. It still didn't work. Nothing is working. My connection is set up with a router using Comcast as my ISP. I HATE Windows 8 for the record. HATE IT!!! Can I just get a f'n start menu?? Anyway, I have read everything I can read, attempted every fix other users have utilized, and I still am unable to connect to Vatsim through FSInn or Squawkbox because I continue to receive a timed out error. I need to walk away for awhile because the last time I checked, I do this for fun. It doesn't feel fun right now.
  3. Paul, thank you for your help. I was unable to attach my specs (I don't have site permission) but I went back and made the adjustments to my .cfg files as stated. It seems to have worked. I will let you know if I see any other problems. Thanks again!!
  4. Okay, this is my second post of the day, first thread. I recently updated my pc. I have been reinstalling all my programs to get back in the air. Everything has been going fairly well (other than the directx 10 issue I discussed earlier) but now I have hit a brick wall with FSInn. I installed everything as usual but now I am unable to physically connect to Vatsim. I continue to get a timed out error. I have searched high and low for a solution. I have installed a windows loopback adapter with no success. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled FS Copilot 1.7 and FSInn 1.3 with no success. I have also installed a load server fix hoping it would help. It did not. I am beginning to think this is a Windows 8.1 issue although I have noticed other Windows 8 users having success during my research of this problem. I am at a total loss here. I tried signing on to every imaginable server. That did not work either. I have played with the settings but still I cannot log on. Does anybody have any other ideas for me? BTW, I hope I have posted this thread in the appropriate area. I have my specs listed in my profile.
  5. I attempted to attach the file but received this warning: (You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file) I am updating my system information now. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hello all. I'm new to this site. I found it while searching for an issue I am having. I am having a problem with DirectX10 as well. I am using an Asus PC with an Nvidia GeForce GT 630. My system has ZERO trouble running FSX with every slider maxed and every option checked. I am also using AS2012 with no performance issues. Okay, so here is what I am experiencing. Every now and then my display begins to go into a kaleidoscope effect DEPENDING ON THE ANGLE I am looking. I can go outside the aircraft and do a full visual loop around the craft and everything is fine, but when I hit a specific (always random) point, I get this weird effect. It literally takes over the entire screen. The problem is that the angle sometimes occurs on a final approach where I need to look at the runway. UGHHHH!! I have installed the fix for DirectX10, which I love btw. The fix took care of the runway flickering issues but now this??? I have searched high and low and cannot find another situation like it. I have everything up-to-date as far as drivers and patches - SP2. I have tweaked and re-tweaked my graphics options (in game and with Nvidia) attempting to localize the problem with no success. Oddly enough, it seems to happen when the sun is directly behind me, but I am not positive on this. Does anyone have ANY ideas what may be causing this? Chris - Elkhart, IN