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  1. royhgg

    Massive Stuttering P3D v3.4

    Hi Guys Just thought i would add my experience with stutters as it may help others. Had tons of problems with stutters on p3d and xplane 10/11. My rig is quite old now (4 yrs) i7 4770k @4.7 water cooled..Gigabyte Z87 DH3P..Nvidea GTX 780.. Stutters disappeared in xplane 10 and now xplane 11 by reverting back to Nvidea 377.88 driver as advised on avsim forums. Tried p3d a few years ago and had tons of stutters once I installed ORBX..gave up and have been flying xplane ever since. A few weeks ago I downloaded p3d v 3.4 to give it another go. Its all working perfectly now on my old rig with ORBX base, vector, europe and UK....PMDG 777 and Rex soft clouds...p3d cfg NO alterations...NO Nvidea inspector...I followed this video by Matt (chewy94) and Medium settings. Mostly with the PMDG777 I get 40-50fps...frames do drop flying in and out of Heathrow EGLL to around 26-35fps but there are no stutters at all very fluid. p3d v 3.4 appears good on the memory issue too..mostly I land with about 1.4Gb to spare..never gone below 800Mb and that's on a 11 hour flight from UK to Hong Kong.. Cheers..Roy
  2. royhgg

    777 freezing

    Hi Guys My first post here. FSX freezing appears to have be going on for years, I think I have read nearly every post there is over the last month, none with any answer to stop the problem. I think I may have an answer. I can stop the freezes on my pc now and I can make them happen again by a few simple key strokes, which for me appears to confirm the problem. I have flown FSX for years without a single freeze until I recently upgraded to a nice new pc and of course all of the add on's that were not worth considering on my old Q6600 pc. The first freeze up I ever experienced was within 15 minutes of taking off in my nice new shiny PMDG 777. I waited the appropriate 8-10 minutes and it carried on flying after 9 mins. I blamed the 777 and attempted to keep flying for around a week with this tweak and that, lost count how many times I have opened the fsx.CFG file!. I have reinstalled windows and FSX so many times I'm almost at the limit of activations for ASN! and i've only had it for 12 days!. On my last reinstall I didn't put the 777 back in the pc. Fired up ConcordeX for a nice jolly across the Atlantic...NOOO ...ConcordeX is now freezing on me exactly as the 777 did. During the first month with the new pc I made numerous cross Atlantic crossings without any problem, ConcordeX was a dream, this was before I started tweaking the fsx.CFG file and installing Nvidea inspector etc. So I have been spending too much time looking at these tweaks thinking it was where the problem was or that some other programe, ASN UT2 etc caused the freezing problems. I expect many of you know that some additions or variations from the standard fsx.CFG get changed back to default if you mess with the settings/display in flight. I have also just discovered that after a freeze with ConcordeX that sometimes the control/button-keys are also reset. I have reinstalled EZDOC twice more thinking it was at fault when all along the keys I deleted from fsx e.g. s, a, shift+s num, page up, page down etc used by EZDOC were back to the default state. This got me thinking that the only time I ever messed with the button/keys was when I first got EZDOC. The next time was when I got the 777. How could i set the takeoff trim in the 777?, I had deleted keys 1 and 7 for EZDOC use, so I assigned new keys for the trim. I also re-assigned keys, that were used to open and close views, to the autopilot heading bug which was easier to use with the ConcordeX as i was always pushing the heading bug trying to adjust with the mouse. Anyway, a lot of waffle for a simple cure, at least for me, maybe you?. Open control settings from top window menu in fsx or the start screen and reset button/keys to default. Then delete your keys needed for EZDOC if you use it. Whatever you do, do not delete a default key action and use it to to control another action. Over the last few days I have made 3 Atlantic crossings with ConcordeX without a single problem. I made 2 more attempts with key changes in control panel and froze. I have also just completed 2 long flights in the PMDG 777 without a problem. Worth a look guys? it works for me. But I guess if you have not reassigned any keys then this isn't your cure. I hope i'm not back in a few days saying I froze again! time will tell!! edit.. Off to watch Froogle on UTube now to recap on setting up the 777..Hes also nudged me to order X Plane 10 64bit .....I must have been in a state with this new pc!!. Roy