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  1. Hello Friends. It seems that the problem is kinda fixed for now. What I did: Unninstalled Graphics Driver and associated software with DDU, and removed and inserted graphic card again on the MOBO, followed by a clean new installation of all Nvidia Drivers. Removed and Cleaned all P3D V3.4 and associated folders and installed back again. Then I installed the sceneries one by one, and tested each one upon installation. The stutters as pictured in the video, are GONE. Minor stutter happens here and there but its the normal one kind. Now I just need to install ORBX and test + tune the blurries and stuff. I'll keep you updated when I do so. Thank You all for your replies and help
  2. That's exactly it Ozzie! It "######" me off because I see loads of videos of people in those sceneries with no problems, but mine.... In case you find any solution please share. Thank You ;)
  3. Thank you for your replies. I've tried and the problem persists. Regarding to something that might be running on the background, I've tried checking that, and it just doesn't seem there something out of the ordinary. I even tried to stop some programs from running to see if that was affecting P3D, but no luck. One thing I found really strange was: Usually when I BF1, Watchdogs 2 etc, the CPU usage is quite high, but when running prepared it doesn't go more that 50% and that is really strange. I've been like trying to fly with the stutters for 5min and the max load I got was 47%. Thanks
  4. FPS instantly go from 50+ to 20 and that is why I'm getting this severe stuttering. It is more noticeable on Aerosoft related scneries but it happens globaly
  5. Yeah at least I tought xD. The stutters are the same in general again. It seems that I had "luck" because the settings were on medium texture and preety most everything disabled. I've worked to get a good system and I refuse to play this on almost everything disabled. I've spent much time and wasted weekends trying to figure and work this out... I've had enough of this. Thank You for your help.
  6. Guys what I am about to say it will contradict much of what I've said, but believe me it confuses me much more than you. I gave a try to another scenery I own. FSDT Zurich, and guess what? No stutters. I Set FPS to 43 fixed, and I didn't get any stutters. It seems that the stutters is only happening in Aerosoft Airport.... I MEAN WHAT THE HELL?? IT USED TO WORK SOOO GOOD..
  7. These are the settings I am using now and I used to have in P3D v2.5 when it was working with no problems.
  8. Hello. I have absolutely no Addons installed. I just installed P3D v3.4 and run it, on the default settings and scenario. I experienced micro stutters. To confirm that I installed Aerosoft Mega Airport Lisbon ONLY, and the result is the one in the video.
  9. Hello friends. I really need your help. I've been over and over this and I can't seem to find the issue. It happens that I moved from V2.5 to the most recent P3D v3.4 since I was having a lot of stuttering issues on V2.5. It happens that now I have even worse stuttering like the unplayable type. I don't know what else to do. I really Am thinking in asking p3d for a refund because this is impossible to simulate whatever. The worst part is that I used to have P3D v2.5 running ok. Then I started to have stutters and Updated to win10 x64 where the stutters only were ocurring on Aerosoft Airports (strangely). To try to correct that it was suggested to update to V3.4. I've been considering v3.4 for quite a while, and this issue was the perfect excuse. It happens that is even worse and P3D 3.4 is quite unplayable. I have the BASE "game" and only installed Mega Aiport Lisbon to test it. This was the result https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGiQYKALupY&feature=youtu.be Can you guys help me? I want to do flights and have a decent Simulation Experience, but with this problems its quite impossible. The thing that upsets me the most is that on the very same rig I have, I used to have this ok. I kinda suspects that this problems started when I was messing up with Nvdia inspector, but after that I formatted to x64, so everything should be ok. Now I've done a clean and new install on P3D 3.4 since I moved from P3D v2.5 and the result is the one I have on the video. I've tried almost everything as stated on the internet and nothing seems to work. My Rig. i7 4790K @ 4,5Ghz GTX 1080 Gaming G1 Gygabite 16GB RAM P3D Installed on SSD 120GB Win 10 Pro x64 Can you help? Thank you again
  10. I've done it again, everything from ground ZERO. No luck. Texture are not that bad, but this there is a lack of sharpness, and as I've told before, If I pause the game, a few seconds after the textures become sharp.
  11. Another example: This happens all over the world, and "I'm tired" of making changes to fsx.cfg. I've read so many Tweaks and stuff, but none seems to work. In this case, if I put the game on Pause, the textures will eventually load after some time....
  12. I've chosen the Jet randomly. It happens with all planes. I usually fly Airbus X and I can't get that sharpened textures I see a lot of guys have. If my rig was poor or low-performance, I would accept that, but with the rig I have, I cannot at all understand why that happens....
  13. Cheers guys. It happens that I have the most common problem a lot of folks who play FSX have. BLURRIES, scenery and terrain not loading etc etc... I see so many videos on youtube of guys that have a pc rig identic as mine and run the game with no such problems. For example this one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03vcqAOxdz8 In this video and others we can see that there is no scenery problems. I even have a better pc rig than this guy and I can't get this results! We can see how defined and HDish the scenery is. Believe my I've read many TWEAK GUIDES all over the internet, I've made a lot of changes but never could achieve that results as my FPS are also quite unstable. It's quite frustrating since I even upgraded my pc lately. My rig now is: -Win 7 x64 Ultimate -i7 4790k @4.3Ghz -GTX 770 4GB -8GB RAM For FSX Scenery I use: -ORBX Global -ORBX Europe -ORBX Vector -REX 4 Direct I mean look how ridiculous this is: I mean with such this rig, I shouldn't be getting this problems. Game should run smooth and detailed as we see in those videos all over youtube. My FSX.cfg: I'd appreciate if you could help Thx
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