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  1. Captain's eye view

    My guess is he means vehicles visible from cockpit windows, which I assume you would see the Pushback vehicle move in at least..
  2. Cool I think... I wouldn't get both GSX and UGCX, what you are offering ticks all my boxes and hopefully at the highest level ;)
  3. Getting back into simming with the summer approaching, have to ask the question will we see it this year Bryan?? have put off buying GSX for a few years now :)
  4. Santa will be here on the 25th December.... UGCX maybe next Christmas
  5. just wish i had bought GSX 3 years ago... then the wait for UGCX wouldn't have been so painful.. thanks for reply Bryan... guess another few months wont kill me
  6. Got to ask Bryan... Are we going to have this for Christmas... This will be the third one coming up. that I have been waiting. I have been good and not asked for anything else, pretty sure im not on the naughty list!!
  7. Hard to believe I have held off buying GSX for two years now, I hope we are close to release soon!!!
  8. Hmmm, does this mean we are a couple of weeks away from launch Bryan
  9. No christmas bonus for him, at least I hope not.. After all its not the banking sector Still waiting patiently and hoping my name comes out the hat for the free copy.. xx
  10. Wow am I really another year older, I remember this time last year thinking, "damn wish this programme was out for xmas, oh well guess it will be early 2015" No, sadly not still managed to hold of on buying GSX and still hoping one day soonish, I will see a message - Buy Now!! Merry Xmas everyone, yes including you and the team Bryan..