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  1. merlin851526

    P3D "Out of Memory"

    Only get this problem when I scroll through the liveries of Aircraft.
  2. merlin851526

    Runtime error R6025 faulting msvcr100.dll

    Just bought prepar3d and suffer the same random runtime error back to desktop nonsense sigh.
  3. Apologies if in the wrong place. None of the suggested solutions worked for me (Win 8.1) and to my dismay its also happening in prepar3d v2. I thought that naively that V2 might have solved the problem.
  4. Well I can tell you all that this drop out still occurs with hair pulling regularity in Win 81. :mad:
  5. merlin851526

    EZDOK not working

    Thanks for the reply ill give your suggestions a go to see if i can get this running.Another annoying problem with EZCA at the moment is i have to alt tab in order to get it to show. ######+D wont work. Not a huge problem but i hate alt tabbing fsx as it can get very unstable and hang on you.
  6. merlin851526

    EZDOK not working

    None of the current solutions have worked for me. Im sick of re downloading this piece of torture via the wrapper from flight1. on the fourth attempt i got it to work for a minute or two then stopped just before i had my first camera done. now its stuck on not working as before. I cant do without it but i hate it so much. It really has brought the worse out of me. I'ts the most troublesome piece of software i've bought for FSX.
  7. merlin851526

    FSX install problem

    Nope nothing working there still the same problem. Did i mention im running win 8.1
  8. merlin851526

    FSX install problem

    Similar problem i must be missing a step somewhere. Every time i try to install the damn programme it just looks at the the first disc and then asked for the second. I deleted everything with FSX with regedit and deleted the documents folder with fsx plus having to clean up after no matter what i seem to do FSX installs not in the folder i tell to but all over the place the bloody drive.Still getting the error "0x80040702 failed to load dll gameuxinstall help". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. merlin851526

    Captain Sim 777 V1.3 OUT!

    Simply find it impossible to load the 777 without it crashing FSX tried it with addons disabled etc just wont fly. 9 times out of 10 it will close FSX. Load a flight with the 777 crash, load the same flight with a different aircraft and your good to go. Really diapointed with this as im a big fan of the 777. PMDG is in my opinion just too expensive notwithstanding the fantastic work and quality of their products.Running win 8.1 all permissions given to FSX etc.