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  1. Great idea, only prob would be getting everyone to agree on the area .
  2. yep thats way too high, im at 1.21v at stock settings, must admit tho since ive had this new 4790k i cant seem to get decent performance on fsx or p3d, had a 2500k before this and had better performance, have you up graded your motherboard bios that changed voltages for me ?
  3. scotz04

    new nvidia beta driver ?

    thanks spirit for letting me know,
  4. Has anyone tried this 340.76 driver ? If so what was they're experience with it . thanks scotty
  5. scotz04

    FTX Global has broken my P3D autogen

    yeah im using the new beta fspuic....hawkeye/adam did you have really bad popping of distant autogen ? also im sure i could see default scenery coming through in places and when i got closer to the ground it got really blurry, am going to reinstall soon and see if that fixes it but if it doesnt then i dont know whats wrong.
  6. scotz04

    FTX Global has broken my P3D autogen

    i had a simmilar problem, it was like ftx global was struggling to load. tried all different settings hi-lo ect.... Have you reinstalled ? has it fixed the problem ? going to reinstall later Scotty
  7. I was just following a tutorial which pointed me in the direction of the east midlands eme on a frequency of 353.5 as stated on the charts but i couldnt pick it up . I then looked at my map in fsx and it has a different frequency of 353.0 , have i missed something ? do i need to update them somehow ? thanks for reading ...
  8. thanks for the reply chris but isnt there a way of doing it without holding down space bar ?
  9. As the title says, im sure its something simple but cant find a solution.
  10. Has anybody tried Enb or sweetfx with the dx10 fixer ? Was thinking of trying it but cant find much info about enb with the dx10 fixer, does it work ect .