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  1. durieux

    Supplemental / temporary NAV database

    Thank you. I hope it can be added in some future update. Marcel Durieux
  2. Hello - I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer to this question: as far as I know, the PMDG 737 NGX does not model the FMC supplemental/temporary database (supposed to be accessible through INIT/REF INDEX -> NAV DATA -> REF NAV DATA. It's the last page that does not seem to exist). I recently flew a historic flight to an airport (SBCV) not in the standard databases, and realized I could not enter it as a temporary NAV item. Am I right that this capability is missing? Thanks! Marcel Durieux
  3. durieux

    ALTN Uplink

    Correct. The option can be turned off in the PMDG setup pages, through the CDU. Marcel Durieux
  4. durieux

    Brake Temperature

    Could it be you're not waiting long enough before looking? It takes a while for the temperature to reach the sensors. Per the FCTM: Marcel Durieux
  5. durieux

    Recommendation for a VA

    You're right. I guess those legs will now become part of the historical flight routes. Marcel
  6. durieux

    Recommendation for a VA

    No, but their partner airlines do (see attached). Marcel Durieux
  7. durieux

    Recommendation for a VA

    AFVA (Air France / KLM Virtual Airlines, afva.net) has many real-life routes for both aircraft. The Q400 causes some reporting issues with their ACARS, but that's an issue for flight reviewers, not for pilots, and the plane is flown regularly on that VA. I hope that's helpful. Marcel Durieux
  8. durieux

    Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    Great! Thank you for making this! Marcel
  9. I think this is the appropriate behavior. The relevant section of the FCOM is here (page 2.20.17): The "flight configuration" they're talking about is to allow cabin pressurization. The warning indicates equipment cooling is operating in alternate mode. Marcel Durieux
  10. durieux

    Why are bush flying VA’s dead?

    Wow, that's excellent! I'll have to try that. Marcel Durieux
  11. durieux

    NO LAND 3 EICAS Message

    Hello - I can't speak to the NO LAND 3 issue, although I've experienced it myself at times. As to your second question: You do this by setting switching APP on the audio panel ON (see attached screenshot). A small light next to it will come on to indicate it's active. The selector next to it must be set to the appropriate receiver (typically L). I hope that helps! Marcel Durieux
  12. durieux


    Not in any need at this moment, but thank you very much for your offer. This is the AVSIM community at its best! Marcel Durieux
  13. durieux

    Why are bush flying VA’s dead?

    All true. There are some cool little bush flying airlines though that work on quite regular schedules (Coastal Aviation in Tanzania comes to mind) that would be great fun to fly for. Maybe a project for someone...? Marcel Durieux
  14. durieux

    KR 87 TSO ADF countdown timer

    Thank you. Will keep that in mind. Didn't know, though, if I was doing something wrong or whether the functionality was simply not ther, that's why I posted it here instead of putting in a ticket. Marcel Durieux
  15. Hi all - First, thanks for this wonderful DC-6 model! I have a quick question about the KR 87 ADF receiver. The real-life version has a (very useful) countdown timer mode (see attached segment from the Bendix manual) that is activated by holding down the SET/RST button. I can't get this to work on the Cloudmaster (FSX-SE). Is it not modeled? If not, can this functionality be added (even the A2A Skylane has it...)? Thanks! Marcel Durieux