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  1. aako

    Aerosim 787 CRS trouble

    Help everyone?
  2. I recommend Aerosim 787 Very good plane.
  3. aako

    Aerosim 787 CRS trouble

    No I watched tutorials about ILS land in 787, and there is fine.
  4. Hello, i have 787 by Aerosim and when i approaching to ILS landing, i set the CRS but it changes by "tens", like 250, 260, 270... And i don't know how set by 250, 251, 252 etc. Can you help me?
  5. I have installed Acceleration Pack and problem disappeared Thanks for good reply.
  6. Hello, i'm new and i don't know that this is right section... I have a problem with this file. I have downloaded Blue UI by Jiri Soukup, and that's the problem: What is happening? Sorry for bad English.