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  1. I have some free time again Had thought of completing this with fully configurable settings for Xbox 360 / Xbox one controller, and utilizing the dual rumble. And adding more features. Is there interest for this ?
  2. Here's a modification that should work for XInput ( XBox 360 controller ) as well as DirectInput devices... ForceEffects XInput
  3. Microsoft documentation states that DirectInput ( which I used ) will *not* support vibration effects on XBOX 360 controller ( Which probably also means fsx also wont support vibration on xbox controller . Resolution is to use XInput API over directinput API. Will check that out in some time...
  4. It should ideally work on any gamepad with force feedback with the right drivers installed. Xbox gamepad driver may provide settings to tweak force levels : which along with the default fsx force feedback effects *maybe* good enough.
  5. Dll Download Link: MD5 sum: 3b71962c68e8dfbb7179010897a1fca7 Visual C++ 2010 Runtime may need to be additionally installed (if not present already):
  6. Having had a gamepad with only vibration effects, I found that fsx doesnt allow you to set the force feedback levels. The driver that came along with the gamepad also didnt support any level setting. This was unplayable as it kept vibrating at max rate all the time. I have created a somconnect addon that creates the vibration effect based on the following : (developed for Airbus A321 , should also do well with Boeing's ) {Not sure fsx looks into these states for ff calculation } 1. Indicated airspeed 2. Engine rpm 3. Acceleration around 3 axes 4. GroundSpeed ( if on ground ) Other factors with vibration 1. Flaps increment decrement ( step wise ) 2. Spoiler toggle ( fully extended/fully retracted ) 3. Landing gear up/down 4. Stalling 5. Overspeed 6. Landing force Those who only have vibration effects in their gamepads, do try it out.. How to install ? 1. As usual with all addons, download the dll to a path and if on Vista or above and modify dll.xml at C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\ as follows: {For XP, this file is in a different folder, need to figure it out.} Add the following section towards the end of the dll.xml just before </SimBase.Document> <Launch.Addon> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>True</ManualLoad> <Name>ForceEffects.dll</Name> <Path>D:\Path\ForceEffects.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> 2. This will ask permission to load the dll when you start fsx. Click 'ok' or 'yes' wherever needed. 3. Also, remember to DISABLE forcefeedback from fsx settings and do not connect more than one ff enabled controllers while trying this out. Dll information on AVSIM Library: UploadID: 317632 Name: ForceEffects Size: 8 kb MD5 sum: aa5cf40064a859269c6a8f2142bb97f8