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  1. Looking good for sure. But I find too similar to the FS9 with REX clouds and IL2- Sturmovik 1946 tbh.. both games which have more than 10 yrs old... I hate laminar for this, they are guilty for not delivering something so important to any FLIGHT SIM. I give xEnviro devs my best whishes
  2. Commander Diaz

    X-Enviro is OUT

    The CRJ2 renders and simulate the rain alone. Thats a feature from the plane itself
  3. Just fantastic... speechless update guys. Can't wait for this, I'm so happy to fully support X-plane nowdays, best decision ever. Thank you. M. Duarte
  4. Commander Diaz

    So I bought Xplane 10...

    I recommend you Xorganizer, the CRJ 200 by Javier Rollon: the Bonanza F33 with the Reality Pack Expansion and the Rotate MD 80
  5. Commander Diaz

    My latest toy :)

    Thank you sir! Yeah mybad not looking for the AVSIM review. Have fun
  6. Commander Diaz

    My latest toy :)

    Awesome, have fun and enjoy! Try to make a more deep review soon if you can M,Duarte
  7. Commander Diaz

    Dreamfleet 727 and Windows 7

    Hello, anyone knows if the DF 727 weather radar works fine with W7 64bits on FS9? Thank you M. Duarte