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  1. I would likely attend both days. A consideration to fly by KVSF...
  2. Hello all, Perhaps there is another posting on this, I am not sure. I am thinking about going to Flightsimcon this year. I am in Ottawa Canada. Is there anyone here close by to me? Montrealers, upper New York Staters, included! I own a share in a Piper Cherokee and might be able to fly down to the event from Ottawa. I could take or pick up a passenger or two on the way. I would like to share the costs and make new flight sim friends. It's a two hour flight from here. Give me a shout! Dan
  3. You'll probably find that you will want to null zone. There is no null zone in a real plane. It's completely linear like the steering wheel in a car. (OK, a good car haha) I don't understand purposely creating this null zone. It's really silly and not reality. There should be no null on either axis.
  4. Al, Yes, in fact I use FSUIPC registered. All my control surface axis are connected and calibrated in FSUIPC. I use Spad.Next for customizing buttons and switches. The only thing that I have to do when I load up P3D and I am in the Virtual cockpit of my A2A Cherokee is to move the yoke through full pitch and roll to wake it up and all is good. No recalibration is required. Works amazing. Same goes for the Trim wheel for some reason, requires a spin to wake up and then all is good. These are part of my pre-flight checklists :-) Dan
  5. Thank you! Thanks for the compliment. Looks like you discovered the same issue! It's really silly on Saitek's part. It might actually be all of them that do it. I was basing myself on a forum post in X-Plane of some people saying they don't have the deadzone issue. So maybe it's only a particular batch but I am starting to think not. I hope you go for the fix, it's easy to do and cost effective for the result it will give.
  6. Please sticky if possible. I created a video that shows step by step how to fix the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke dead zone issue. This is a hardware fix using the Leo Bodnar BU0836A joystick board. Please view, like, share. You will love your Saitek again. Enjoy!
  7. Hi, I created a video on how to fix this issue with the BU0836A. Check it out. Please like and share.
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