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  1. Ber759

    Project Linda2Airbus

    Thanks for your help !
  2. Ber759

    [old] LINDA 2.0 Released

    in the MCP Combo Tab i see : Modul : Aersosoft Airbus x + Extended Version : 2.5b10Rc0 ------ Linda Version 2.0.7
  3. Ber759

    [old] LINDA 2.0 Released

    Thanks for help ! And the Link with the download above is the right Version of Linda ? I put this files in my modules folder and and make my settings with Linda ?!? Tomorrow when the hardware is delivered I'll try it out. I will contact you again if there are any problems. Thanks !
  4. Ber759

    [old] LINDA 2.0 Released

    Hi, I download Linda from the link above and put the flies in the modules Folder from Fsx, that's all. Do I need something else? More I could not test because the panel until Tuesday arrives. Sorry, I'm working for the first time with linda. Greetings from germany
  5. Ber759

    [old] LINDA 2.0 Released

    Hi, on Tuesday I get my MCP Combo Airbus type (FCU Combo), but I do not understand how I have to configure Linda for the Airbus A318/19. Can I use the Version you have linked above ? Do I need to install the original driver from VRinsight? Can you give me maybe explain step by step how I linda must configure for the a319 and the MCP Combo Airbus type? Sorry for my bad english and the many questions.
  6. Ber759

    Project Linda2Airbus

    Hi, the links for Linda2 are offline ! Could someone upload it ? ....many thanks