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  1. I would like to see if any painters can do a repaint of the Overland Airbus A320 and A321 in Air Canada Rouge livery for me? I would be very greatful?
  2. We are AC Virtual and we are a new VA on the VA Financials (VAFS) system. We are modeled after Canada's flagship airline. We are currently looking to hire some new pilots for our VA and we have a lot to offer including - Competative virtual wages - Good range of Narrow-Body and Wide-Body aircraft to fly. - Routes based on real world routes flown be the real company. - Both Mainline and Leisure routes available. - New routes added weekly. If you are interested please visit http://acvirtua.weebly.com
  3. AC Virtual Airlines is now up ad running on VA Financials. We offer to our pilots the ability to fly for more than just hours. You will fly for virtual cash that can be used in a virtual items shop to get items to improve performance, the VA all around, or even get you pay bonuses. Also at AC Virtual Airlines we offer the following . . . - Competative wages - Realistic routes going all over Canada, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean. - Mainline and Leisure flights available - Fleet ranges from Airbus A319's to Boeing 777's. - Able to fly out of either Toronto (CYYZ) or Vancouver (CYVR). If interested in finding out more about this virtual airline please visit our website at http://acva.weebly.com
  4. We are the new VA Virtual Airlines. We are a virtual airline that is through the VA Financials website and uses their own ACARS system (VAFS5). We offer the following to our pilots. 1. Real World Route - Our routes are built based on real world flight information, some past some current. One exception is we will fly special flights every now and then that is not an actual route for our company. 2. Real World Aircraft - We only use aircraft that are or were used by ACA at one time. 3. Choice of Flight Company - With us you can fly either ACA or AC Rouge. 4. Hubs - Currently our available hub is only CYYZ as we are still new and trying to get off the ground. We will add more hubs as we grow. So if you are interested in joining this va please go to the website below P.S. - Tried to use the Links System and it says "Page Not Available"
  5. VAC is a good airline for this. You have to bid on flights and they use SimBrief to get Dispatch reports. You have to work your way up the ranks to get bigger and better aircraft (with the exception of carrying over hours from another VA). They use 4 different Hubs (Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, and Vancouver) You can fly ACA, Express, and Rouge. You even have to pass an entrance test to even be considered for hire. If you want to find out more go to http://www.vacanada.org
  6. Here's hoping someone has time to do a repint to be used with a Virtual Airway. I am looking for someone with the Overland/Simmer's Sky Fly Into The Sky Boeing Edition to make a repaint for the Boeing 767-300ER into an Air Canada Rouge livery. I have checked and I haven't found one for the Overland 767-300ER. Can anyone do this or is anyone working on this. Thank You mdrinkle
  7. That works for the Airbus aircraft but not on the Boeing models. I find if you hit the Shift+E+2 you will get the cargo doors to open. Does anyone know how to get the rear emergency doors to open.
  8. This is to announce the relaunch of Virtual AC Airlines at the followiing weebly website http://virtualaca.weebly.com
  9. I have found many repaints for Delta, United, American, Continental, UPS, FedEx, Air Canada, WestJet and many, many others, both real and fictional aircraft. Just remember that some of them are FS9 versions and need to be converted to FSX.
  10. I feel bad for how you were treated. Being a CEO of a Virtual BAW it makes all of us using that brand look bad. If you like you are welcome to come join my Virtual BAW I will NOT discriminate against your real name, or english name. Either one is fine. Check us out at http://virtualbaw.weebly.com
  11. I prefer to fly through VAFS. I find many VA's get you to fly mega hours and all you get is to rank up. You get hundred's of thousands of Vrtual Dollars that just sit and collect dust. Now with VAFS they give you the option to actually spend, virtually of course, the money you make flying. You get to purchase items that allow for Pilot Pay Bonus, VA Bonus, or Pilot Performance Bonus. You get to . . . - Get a list of passengers incuding names and ages. - Choose your cargo you are going to fly. - Choose from literally hundred's of Virtual Airlines. - Most airlines have a va website where you can see how you rank. All in all I think that VAFS makes flying for a VA that much more worth it.
  12. I apologize if I have offended anyone with this post. I was only trying to bring my love of Air Canada to my favorite virtual airline site vafinancials. I am not nor ever have been the official virtual airline of Air Canada. I also know that there are other virtual airlines out there that represent Air Canada. I just wanted to be one didn't mean to offend anyone and sorry if I did.
  13. Welcome to Air Canada Virtual Airlines Welcome to the newly created Air Canada Virtual Airlines. Here at ACVA we offer . . . - Competative Wages - A good list of aircraft incl. 787-8, 777-300ER, and 777-200LR - Routes that go to Canadian, American, and Overseas locations. - A good chance for promotion to staff positions. - A chance to fly out of one of 4 major Canadian Airports incl. Toronto Pearson, Montreal Trudeau, Calgary International, and Vancouver International. If you are interested in applying to fly with the recently voted #1 Airline in North America for the 5th consecutive year by Skytrax. If interested you can apply online at our website http://acva.weebly.com
  14. We are looking for experienced pilots or new pilots to come fly for us. As the CEO of Virtual Air Canada Airlines I always listen to my pilots and almost always offer them anything they ask for. If interested please visit and fill out the application at http://virtualaircanadaairlines.weebly.com/ Mark Drinkle CEO Virtual Air Canada Airlines a member of VA Financials online community.
  15. We here at Air Canada Virtual Airlines are currently seeking new pilot to advance our small recently started airline. By joining our small, but growing airline you will be able to enjoy . . . - Flying on the VAFinancials System (or VAFS). - We are currently the ONLY vafs based Air Canada airline as the previous one has folded. - You will be flying on VAFS for Canada's #1 Consumer Airliner. If you are interested in applying for a spot with us go to aircanadavirtualairlines.webs.com and click on the "Join Us" tab at the top. Thank You and Welcome to Air Canada Virtual Airlines. Mark COO Air Canada Virtual Airlines
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