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  1. Ahh, look, it works. This is an answer that the TS want. So erverybody is satisfied. Me too Thank you very much. And in heaven's name: my assumption was wrong, sorry
  2. What do you want from me? I never blame PMDG! And there is a reason! The animation do ot work with the T7, but work with iFly 737! so the issue is by PMDG and NOT by FSX or P3D. When you spoke this way, PMDG777 blame on Microsoft or Lockheed Martin!
  3. First the user "PMDG777" is NOT any member of Precisionmanuals. He is a pilot like us. Second I have no problem with my T7 or any other of my planes. I only disagree with his statement. Thats all
  4. Hmm, I'm just flew my iFly 737 appoaching EDDM. The replay shows me all moving Flaps, Gears, Reversers und Speedbrakes. In my opinion is this a limitation of PMDG regards Charly P.S. I used also P3D v4
  5. For me it's fine too. I loaded the T7 at RWY 35L and made a right aerodrome., switch between VC and external view. Autoland on 35L. Everything works fine. Versions: Milan Malpensa v 1.14 latest T7 dated July 1st. Charly
  6. sorry markdf, but I must a little bit agree with mlueck. It's toilsome to discuss about FPS because, I can bet everything!, there are none 2 similar PC's with the same CPU, GPU, Memory, etc. nor the same addons on it. So everybody have other FPS on his system. One more, other less FPS with the same plane. Again: it's toilsome, yes it's annoying to discuss about this in the thread. Make a new one titled "who have with FPS with which system, addons, OC, etc" and discuss there about FPS. No offense, and have a nice weekend Charly
  7. Bei mir zeigt es an Gruß
  8. Hello, For me the update work fine in the OC for the T7 on my P3D V4. I'm also from Germany Greetings Charly
  9. Hello Guys, I found a bug in the Module. When you want to use the "oh engine 2 start toggle" the switch goes only in position "on". The bug is here: function OH_ENGINE_2_START_toggle () if _tl("switch_093_74X", 0) then OH_ENGINE_2_START_on () else OH_ENGINE_2_START_off () end end to fix this you must change the value "093" to "092" then the switch works fine. Greetz Charly