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  1. Charly04

    Q400 in P3Dv4.3

    flew yesterday a short flight from EDDM to LOWS. Start with c&d cockpit, program the FMC, set VNAV, etc. There where no issues.
  2. Charly04

    Activation Error

    [MOD NOTE: additional information removed due to AVSIM policies], 2 day ago I reinstalled my complete System. But could not activate my 747. It comes a Error Message "The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation...." I wrote a message to PMDG but became no anwser. Now I hope somebody here can help me
  3. Charly04

    Up next?

    In my opinion PMDG have a better chance to be first. Because they build many Boeings before, and adaped all for v4. So the experience speaks for PMDG ;)
  4. Charly04

    Up next?

    I mean, because there is no plan neither from LDS nor Caiptain Sim for a 767 update for v4, PMDG should develop one. Because it's a actual Model witch is used by many companies.
  5. Charly04

    FS Labs A320 for P3D v4

    Perfect! It works! Thank you very much Andrew
  6. Charly04

    FS Labs A320 for P3D v4

    Hi Andrew, thank you for the info about v4.1. I tried the beta Modul, but it doesnt work. So I will try to load a default and then the a320x aircraft. cheers Charly
  7. Charly04

    FS Labs A320 for P3D v4

    Hello everybody, is there anybody oustside who developes a new module for the new Airbus from FS Labs? Cheers Charly
  8. Charly04

    Module Requests - please read

    That's all I want to hear from you ;) I will be patient. don't hurry.
  9. Charly04

    Module Requests - please read

    Hello Guenter, do you plan to build a module for the Aerosoft CRJ700/900? Or is it still wip?? ;) Thanks in advance Charly
  10. Charly04

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900

    Hello, after 7 jears of development yesterday Aerosoft published the CRJ. Do you want to program a Module for this wonderful Aircraft? Best regards Charly
  11. Charly04

    Repaint request!

    Hello Painters, It would be fine when anybody can repaint the Private Wings B1900D. Pictures of the original can be find here: Happy painting and thanks in advance. Charly
  12. Charly04

    PMDG 777 in P3d4 replay mode

    Ahh, look, it works. This is an answer that the TS want. So erverybody is satisfied. Me too Thank you very much. And in heaven's name: my assumption was wrong, sorry
  13. Charly04

    PMDG 777 in P3d4 replay mode

    What do you want from me? I never blame PMDG! And there is a reason! The animation do ot work with the T7, but work with iFly 737! so the issue is by PMDG and NOT by FSX or P3D. When you spoke this way, PMDG777 blame on Microsoft or Lockheed Martin!
  14. Charly04

    PMDG 777 in P3d4 replay mode

    First the user "PMDG777" is NOT any member of Precisionmanuals. He is a pilot like us. Second I have no problem with my T7 or any other of my planes. I only disagree with his statement. Thats all
  15. Charly04

    PMDG 777 in P3d4 replay mode

    Hmm, I'm just flew my iFly 737 appoaching EDDM. The replay shows me all moving Flaps, Gears, Reversers und Speedbrakes. In my opinion is this a limitation of PMDG regards Charly P.S. I used also P3D v4