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  1. Hello Andrew, I found 2 minor Bugs in the config. First the yoke Autopilot knob: I*ve added a second Lvar. In your config only the button move in and out but the autopilot didn't disengage. Second the APU: to stop the APU I set the Lvar to "0". I attach pictures. Can please confirm my changes. Best regards, and stay healthy Charly https://imgur.com/kRItAK9, https://imgur.com/hAAKeyW https://imgur.com/L7hx0Sr
  2. Hello Andrew, it's me ... again.. 😂 The downloadlink for your new version of the CRJ (1.7) is to the ver. 1.6b. This time I hope I'm right xD Best wishes Charly
  3. Hello, to complete the doors for the A330 can you please add the AFT doors in the next update.
  4. Hello, you have in a routine a "r" to much typed (marked as a big red bold one) function AB_FCU_Display_Lights_inc () lvar = 'AB_GLS_IntLight_FCU_DISPLAY_Rotary' lvarl = ipc.readLvar(lvar) if lvarl < 20 then lvarl = lvarl + 1 ipc.writeLvar( lvarr, lvarl) DspShow('FCU', lvarl * 5 .. '%') end end best regards Charly
  5. It works. Sorry for the circumstances.
  6. Hello Andrew, The new download link is wrong. The link in the forum is right (hxxp://www.awginfosys.net/LINDA/Downloads/Aerosoft_A3XX_Pro_v1_6.zip) but the download is ver. 1.5 Best regards Charly
  7. I think I found the fault. You extract the zip file and become a folder called "PMDG_737_NGXu_v1_4". So you must select under: 4)Under Import Aircraft Module, click Select Source Folder and locate the folder PMDG_737_NGXu_v1_0. not look for PMDG_737_NGXu_v1_0 rather PMDG_737_NGXu_v1_4 Best regards Charly
  8. Your welcome Andrew. I also sum up the A3xx and the A330 configs in one. And added some new functions. Can I send you my version?
  9. The A330 have no ON and OFF function. This is only a "push-on, release-off"-button. I wrote a litte script and added a little "feature" that Aerosoft not inluded. Normally the Start button only works when the APU door ist complete open. Best regards Charly function AB_OVH_APU_START () LVarSet = "AB_VC_OVH_APU_START_ON_PB" if ipc.readLvar("APU_DOOR_ANIM") == 100 then ipc.writeLvar(LVarSet, 1) AB_OVH_Pushbutton () _sleep(200, 600) ipc.writeLvar(LVarSet, 0) AB_OVH_Pushbutton () DspShow ("APU", "strt") else ipc.writeLvar(LVarSet, 0) end end
  10. Ok, I found the bug. Linda doesn't write 1 value correct back to "config-mcp2a.lua" The rest of the value "...(Lval,_up)" is missing -- AEFIS NDM knob NDM1 = { ["A SHOW"] = ASCRJ_LSP_NAVSRC_INFO_show(Lval , ["A +"] = ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE_CHANGE_inc , ["A ++"] = ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE_CHANGE_inc , ["A -"] = ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE_CHANGE_dec , ["A --"] = ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE_CHANGE_dec , ["PRESS"] = GPS_CRSR_button , ["B SHOW"] = Do_nothing , ["B +"] = empty , ["B ++"] = empty , ["B -"] = empty , ["B --"] = empty , } -- AEFIS NDR knob NDR1 = { ["A SHOW"] = ASCRJ_LSP_RANGE_INFO_show(Lval,_up) , ["A +"] = ASCRJ_LSP_RANGE_CHANGE_inc , ["A ++"] = ASCRJ_LSP_RANGE_CHANGE_inc , ["A -"] = ASCRJ_LSP_RANGE_CHANGE_dec , ["A --"] = ASCRJ_LSP_RANGE_CHANGE_dec , ["PRESS"] = GPS_CRSR_button , ["B SHOW"] = empty , ["B +"] = empty , ["B ++"] = empty , ["B -"] = empty , ["B --"] = empty , }
  11. Ahhhhh.. Thank you Andrew for the hint. I opened the Linda console and I saw one of the lua files have errors. So I replaced the file, e voila, everthing works fine. Best regards Charly Corretion! there is a bug in one of the configs. I test one by one and will report you.
  12. All of the functions I want are assigned to the controls. But Linda doesn't initzialize the MCP Combo. The MCP displays the standard message: "FCU-Combo/Airbus Type v1.100 Select Aircraft Press "Fly Now""
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