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  1. Charly04

    QW 146

    Qualitywings released the 146 for the P3D v4. Now I want to download the lua from 2012: But the download in this post doesn't work. Can you please make the download availible. best wishes Charly
  2. Charly04

    Livery convert?

    That's too bad 😪 So you close the thread. thanks all the same.
  3. Charly04

    Livery convert?

    Today I downloaded a livery from AVSIM. The livery is in the PTP-Format. But when I try to install it in my P3D v4 fleet, OC said the livery is in P3D V3 format and cannot be installed. Is it possible to convert the livery? Best regards Charly
  4. Charly04

    hPA as default c&d

    ooppps, its a long time ago I read the manual. Thanks.
  5. Charly04

    hPA as default c&d

    I have a little problem. when I startup my plane I must always set the baro from InHg to hPA. Somewhere I read I can set the baro to hPA and save it as startup state. But I can only save the sartup with batteries on. So the plane isn't cold & dark. You see my "problem"... 😉 Maybe someone can solve my "problem" other ways. Cheers Charly
  6. Hello Guenther, in June, 11th 2017 in my mistake I wrote in the download forum a bug. The bug is in the overhead engine control section: function OH_ENGINE_2_START_toggle () if _tl("switch_093_74X", 0) then OH_ENGINE_2_START_on () else OH_ENGINE_2_START_off () end end Can you please change the value "093" into "092" In your next version, Best regards Charly
  7. Charly04

    PMDG QOTS II 747-8 P3D

    Thanks Guenter for your quick reply
  8. Charly04

    PMDG QOTS II 747-8 P3D

    None of the knobs or switches are working on my VRi MCPII. I've downloaded the newest Linda and module. Have PMDG recoded the new -8? Best regards Charly
  9. Charly04

    LINDA 3.0.9?

    i can confirm that.
  10. Charly04

    P3D v4.3 hung

    Hi Andrew, today I flew the same route again and there was the same issue. {event viewer log begin} - System - Provider [ Name] Application Hang - EventID 1002 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 101 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2018-07-26T21:05:54.903960800Z EventRecordID 2422 Channel Application Computer DESKTOP-6NM5OCA Security - EventData LINDA.exe 2ca4 01d425219cd271cc 30 E:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\LINDA.exe ee30e907-f617-4066-b135-2b47deab7544 430072006F00730073002D00700072006F00630065007300730000000000 Binäre Daten: In Wörtern 0000: 00720043 0073006F 002D0073 00720070 0010: 0063006F 00730065 00000073 0000 In Bytes 0000: 43 00 72 00 6F 00 73 00 C.r.o.s. 0008: 73 00 2D 00 70 00 72 00 s.-.p.r. 0010: 6F 00 63 00 65 00 73 00 o.c.e.s. 0018: 73 00 00 00 00 00 s..... {event viewer log ends} Any other flight with other aircrafts on other routes works perfect. Also the flight with the same aircraft from UUEE to EDDF was completed without issues. All my flights were flown online by IVAO. FSUIPC is up to date LINDA of course too 😉 Maybe someone can fly the route to reproduce the issue: EDDF TOBA3R TOBAK N858 OGUTA N740 FK FK1A UUEE FL390 A/C PMDG 777F; D-ALFE; Lufthansa Cargo; D/L via repaint by Corina Meyer Greetings Charly Edit: I use the UUEE Scenery from Drzewiecki Design.
  11. Charly04

    P3D v4.3 hung

    Today I flew with a PMDG 777F from EDDF to UUEE. After about 2 hrs P3D hung up. The Event Viewer save follow report: - System - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 100 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2018-07-22T20:35:28.678494900Z EventRecordID 2144 Channel Application Computer DESKTOP-6NM5OCA Security - EventData linda.exe 5b45d72a uxtheme.dll 10.0.17134.1 4fc1145a c000041d 00029eb8 26d0 01d421e3a9d7604c e:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\linda.exe C:\Windows\system32\uxtheme.dll dde9b5b6-024d-479d-9207-1944bc02b8ce
  12. Charly04

    Q400 in P3Dv4.3

    flew yesterday a short flight from EDDM to LOWS. Start with c&d cockpit, program the FMC, set VNAV, etc. There where no issues.
  13. Charly04

    Activation Error

    [MOD NOTE: additional information removed due to AVSIM policies], 2 day ago I reinstalled my complete System. But could not activate my 747. It comes a Error Message "The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation...." I wrote a message to PMDG but became no anwser. Now I hope somebody here can help me
  14. Charly04

    Up next?

    In my opinion PMDG have a better chance to be first. Because they build many Boeings before, and adaped all for v4. So the experience speaks for PMDG ;)
  15. Charly04

    Up next?

    I mean, because there is no plan neither from LDS nor Caiptain Sim for a 767 update for v4, PMDG should develop one. Because it's a actual Model witch is used by many companies.