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  1. Han Solo

    QW787 MCP/Glareshield Lighting

    I'm also experiencing the same issue with the MCP - having to use the dome lights most of the time to counter it. Also on 1,1.2 and P3DV4
  2. Thanks for the update! Going to be happy whenever this releases to part with my money for the 300ER
  3. Han Solo

    Germany WINS World Cup 2014!

    Fantastic game, and what a goal to win it. Congrats to Germany - well deserved
  4. Any chance you could post the errors that you are getting? it might shed a bit more light onto what is actually causing the crash. You can find the logs in the Windows Event Viewer under applications I have had this problem before, and I did a full reinstall of FSX and was very selective about what addons I reinstalled - it has actually solved the problem.
  5. Han Solo

    17JUN14 - Scheduling and General Updates

    I hope this silences alot of moaners out there.. But more importantly I wish you a real speedy recovery rsrandazzo, I have been through surgery before - its not nice! I believe like the 737NGX the base package is required with the service pack to install the 600/700 model. So you will require the 200 to be able to fly the 300ER
  6. Han Solo

    09JUN14 - PMDG 777 SP1 and 300ER updates

    Clearly there has been an unexpected delay, that is likely why they havent been able to give any type of release information - whatever it is I am perfectly sure that they will post again when they have more information to give. I think people need to remember that its better that they are delaying if they are not happy with something rather than sending something out which has a clear fault in it, which people are just going to end up complaining about again. I dont' understand why people are complaining so much - he didnt say "guarantee" in his post! I think even though it has been a long time coming for people need to be more patient - complaining and moaning isn't going to make it come any sooner.
  7. Han Solo

    09JUN14 - PMDG 777 SP1 and 300ER updates

    If I remember correctly they mentioned 5 days of beta testing, and if they needed to make tweaks they could do so, but if it was all good they would code freeze and announce a release date. I expect if at the start of the week they said they could hopefully give out a release date they should be close - but I'm happy to wait for what is going to be an amazing addition to the PMDG fleet with all the time and effort they are taking ----- Andy Gaffney