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  1. Hello members, a few days ago something strange happened, I came host running FSX perfectly with my ATI 12.4 drivers without spikes or anything weird. DX10 enabled and working perfect. One day I turn on my pc and enter WIN7 gives me a bug in the ATI driver .... I do not give much importance, I try to run FSX and do not enter me! Di many laps until I figured they were the drivers of the ATI board. Uninstall 12.4 and went back to install and gives me! is like to be connected to the internet and will not let me use these drivers .... more I was forced to upgrade to version 14.2 but I can not use because I became more Dx10 the SPIKES!! Any step you??
  2. Excuse my Inglés is bad hehe If only activate in FSX BILINEAR This solved my problem so far! Try it and tell me!!!
  3. People found the solution this day after all your read my topic .. I did all the tests commented to q q q Imagine me being a filtering problem had to be in the configuration q textures! So I have to "bilinear" in texture filtering within FSX .... MY specs I7 3770K OC 4.6 MSI ATI 7950oc twin razor SSD240 FSX REX4 shader 3 bojote DX10 fixer scenary ACtive Sky 2012 NEXT 3 monitor LG eyefinity- 5760x1980 - 60fps forever! :Big Grin: Driver ATI 13.4 :Big Grin:
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