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  1. Yeah a lot of us started when it looked like this: Even the synthetic vision on the G1000 within the new MSFS looks waaaaay better than that 😉
  2. Ah I thought that was another thread like "Will it run on my machine?", so I automatically skipped it, my bad 🙂
  3. Man, I hope you did get some sleep last night. You know, X-Plane is a perfectly fine sim, don't let this new sim bother you if you love it so much.
  4. Really loved to read that we'll also see other players in the skies instead of just live flights.
  5. Can't remember seeing this interview, hope it isn't a double post: http://www.xboxygen.com/News/31562-Interview-d-Asobo-pour-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-2020-la-technologie-et-le-multijoueur?fbclid=IwAR2WNcWlBZ43AfJb-x-mHil_s4-gfrnpjiPHL7zQr_-rsx3eiTpyR-bJJh4 Translation credits go to Jonathan Sawyer (source Facebook): We spent a lot of time with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator during this X019. With the eye of a big beginner in the world of aviation games, we were able to exchange with several members of the French studio Asobo, and more particularly with its CEO Sebastian Wloch for an interview on site. We also thank David Dedeine, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder, and Thomas and Mathieu, QA testers, for their availability and explanation. See also: We played Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as a beginner, and it was great Xboxygen: Hello Sebastian. We asked the question earlier to know what would be the timing of the game It will arrive first on PC and then on console, is it? Asobo: So we announced an initial release on PC on 2020, and Xbox later, without being able to give date or year. Xboxygen: Are you already working on it? Asobo: It can not be said, but in general a console game is quite long. Xboxygen: So about the game on PC, does it necessarily have a war machine to run Microsoft Flight Simulator? Is it the fact that the game is connected to the Internet that allows it to be so pretty, or is it the config that does that? Asobo: The Internet connection makes it possible to have a world of this size with as much definition. In fact it can even make things a little more difficult because it's a lot of data to display and we have an incredible level of detail. We have 20 levels of detail, from the smallest to the largest. As soon as there are things a little distant, we can then lower the level of detail, which helps the graphics cards a lot. Here [on the stand of X019], we have a relatively big machine but we shoot in native 4K, ie without upscale. Clouds for example are also rendered in 4K, with a level of detail in ultra. Me for example, I do not have config as big since I take care of everything that is aerodynamic so I need it to be very responsive. I have a 1060 and I play in full HD or sometimes in 1440p. Here [on the demo for the X019] on average we are at 45 fps here and in 4K, and we aim for 4K 60 fps on these big machines. Then it's a game that suffers very little upscaling, I personally do not see the difference, and it often doubles the number of frames per second without affecting the level of detail. After we have 5 or 6 levels of detail with different options inside. Xboxygen: We know that there is a multiplayer mode planned in the game, what can you tell us about it? Asobo: In the video we did for E3, we showed that there were several planes, so yes it's multiplayer between humans, and we also have live traffic with more than 10,000 planes in the sky. Xboxygen: Live, ie compared to there, now, those who are in heaven? Asobo: Yes, so we can turn it off of course, but we have 15,000 live airplanes, and then we add the virtual players and we can activate / deactivate the fact of seeing for example only his friends or other. Xboxygen: But it's a pack of people then. Are you going to put everyone? Asobo: Yes, everyone. On the other hand, the world is big, and we do not see everyone. Xboxygen: But if 1 million players decide to go to New York at the same time? Asobo: We made a system that if there are too many people in the same place, you only see the most interesting players for you. For example, friends in priority, or players who are in the same geographical area, etc. Otherwise it is not possible. What I like is that when I go to Mérignac and there are other planes, we have to wait, we will put in circuit waiting, then when I land there are some another who is waiting ... I love exploring the world. In fact we can go to a different place every ten minutes and we have for years. If you are interested in beautiful landscapes ... it's a bit like going on vacation. Xboxygen: Exactly, that's what I said earlier to one of the developers here. And with regard to the available planes, do you have, for example, big pieces like the A380 or the Antonov 225? Asobo: We have a lot of planes planned. There is the license side, everything has to be ready, and you have to show what it looks like because it is not interesting to say that there is a plane without showing it. The list is growing and things happen regularly. Xboxygen: Does that mean we could have new ones after the release of the game? Asobo: There is also the fact that Flight Simulator has always supported third-party planes, and that's something left. So even if they are not planes made by us, we can imagine that there could be anything and everything since third parties can create. Xboxygen: To create the game, did you use old data or did you start from almost 0? Asobo: When we started the development, we left Flight Simulator X that we renovated. But as things are gone and in terms of data I think there is nothing now. World data, airports etc. for example. The data of the planes were redone too. Xboxygen: About the accessories: Are specific accessories available for the game release? Asobo: We can not answer for now. What we can say is that we already support a lot of accessories and the list goes on forever. Xboxygen: Last question: Is it Microsoft who came to you to develop this new Flight Simulator? How did that happen ? Asobo: In fact we have been working with Microsoft for a very long time, for more than 10 years. We worked on Fuel, we are crazy about giant worlds and technological challenges and we also love simulation. When the discussions started, Microsoft thought of us because we had the technology and the passion for these things and when we started to talk about it, I immediately flashed. We generally avoid making games that we do not like to play, but this is even more aligned with what we like. But it's not as if we had never had contact or if they had knocked at the door, do not see it like that.
  6. I will not buy it if there won't be post boxes on the street.
  7. Ah ok I didn't know that, sorry, my estimate might be off by a few days then 😉
  8. Yeah it's dead here too, they are probably rolling out the new forum functionality. (some wishful thinking was applied to this post)
  9. No worries, I've already figured it out, we are very close to the release of alpha 1. Hopefully just a few days, maybe a few weeks, so sit back and relax...
  10. I've got DCS but I don't really like the graphics beyond the cockpit. Flying military aircraft is more than using weapons. During peacetime most operations are patrols. I would love to be able to fly a fighter from time to time within MSFS, especially with these clouds and that scenery. Also don't forget teams like the Blue Angels, these birds aren't solely used for combat...
  11. Nothing announced yet, but I'd also love to see these appear somewhere down the road. They had an F-18 in the acceleration pack of FSX and you're right about it being a Boeing aircraft so who knows. Would be lovely to see an aircraft carrier and a tanker to do some CAP missions, no combat needed from my point of view.
  12. Ah that's a good read, really nice. I wonder if they will include the handbooks with the sim as part of their partnership, that would be lovely, especially if they could be referenced from inside the sim (PDF reader or likewise).
  13. Give my regards to Warren, we talk on the phone every day about my few shares in Facebook and Sony 😉 . But indeed, buying stock can be really exciting and a worthwhile investment when you do not need access to your money for a long time. My 'investment' of €450 nearly doubled in the last couple of years and is now worth over €800. Interest at the bank would never have resulted in such a profit, especially not at the rates of the past few years. But you should always do it with small amounts, like you do, for fun and educational purchases or otherwise with money you won't miss when it evaporates because of an unexpected event in the market. Now back on the topic, please use your influence to try and get your 'friends' over at AVSIM a working copy of the sim. The build from the event a few months back would suffice for now. I'm sure you must be able to pull some strings, or maybe Bill can help you with that. 😋
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