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  1. The Airports are really nice. The sound of te busy airport and freeway is a Little Bit to loud (for me). The only problem is the traffic. I moved all the Files in there right Folders but i dont See any traffic. I Tores Moving sliders to 100%, changing Time and Date but nothing works for me. I am using World of ai. Maybe this is the Problem?!
  2. Tigrafighter

    Service pack is out!

    Still no answer from carenado Support:(
  3. Tigrafighter

    Service pack is out!

    Saitek panel Works. From external view beacon and strobes are on but the switches on the overheadpanel dont move:( i will Open a Serviceticket;)
  4. Tigrafighter

    Service pack is out!

    As i sad before i am using FSX and Not P3D. I dont know if there is the Same install Problem with the Directory?!
  5. Tigrafighter

    Service pack is out!

    Again, without sp1 everything is fine! After sp1 Problem with 1900 but with no other plane. Using spad and newest saitek drivers still Problems.
  6. Tigrafighter

    Service pack is out!

    @airplaneguru84: i Never checked this before:o i will try this today;)
  7. Tigrafighter

    Service pack is out!

    Yes thats right:) and if i remember correctly the overhead switches had only two positions (on or off) like the other light switches (taxi, landing, nav). After sp1 the both switches have three positions.
  8. Tigrafighter

    Service pack is out!

    I am using fsx. Obviously i am Not the only One with this Problem. They working Fine from the overhead panel. Maybe it is because the overhead Switch has three positions and Not only on or Off!? I can live with that because the panel Switch is also Not working so i have to use the overhead panel anyway.
  9. Tigrafighter

    Service pack is out!

    Mhm, uninstalled and installed without sp1, everything Works. Installed sp1, beacon- and strobeswitch Not working. Installed the newest saitek drivers, still Not working. Any other carenado and default Plane working fine! Dont no why? Do you use S.P.A.D or the default saitek drivers?
  10. Tigrafighter

    Service pack is out!

    After the sp1 i am Not able to use every Switch on my saitek Switch panel. Beacon and strobe Switch Not working anymore. Before sp1 everything Works Fine!
  11. Tigrafighter

    cabin won't pressurize

    I am Not able to move the small knob but on some pics i saw that the small knob was moved!?
  12. I have the FSB-Switch on my saitek throttle. When pushing the button the FSB and nosmk sound is played. Its Not the default sound, it is a unique sound, but no switch at all! The Stall-test Switch and sound doesnt work either.