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  1. FEDEX061

    pmdg 777 fmc location

    Or press and hold "menu" on FMS to get to ground connections menu. You can then connect power cart.
  2. FEDEX061


    Roger that, Major. The flight was a simple one from KMEM to KMSP. Who knows. I've noticed the pushback going 45* then straight then another 45* on several pushes. Didn't think too much about it until he pushed me in a circle at Memphis.
  3. FEDEX061


    Have not been able to reproduce but I've been seeing strange things with the pushback. Flight was loaded with default Trike at KMEM. Loaded short haul panel. The tug driver is my ex-girlfriend's boyfriend and baby daddy. You think that might have something to do with it?
  4. FEDEX061


    Had the most interesting pushback today. Set FMC for 90* nose to the left and default 265 feet. The first move was nose right 45*. Then straight for a while, then left 45*, then right 45*, then left 45*, then left again, then right...and so on. It pushed me for about 4 minutes. Across the ramp, across the grass, across the taxiway, across the runway, back across the grass, back across the taxiway and back across the ramp. I ended up about 4 gates down facing 180* from where I started. It only stopped when I set the parking brake. It then announced push back complete, set parking brake. This took place at KMEM using default FSX scenery. The only addon was ASN. Jerry Carroll
  5. FEDEX061

    Sound issue.

    Ver 1.3 fixed my sound issues. Thanks for quick update, Bryan. Great program!
  6. Today I updated to ver 1.2 and have not been able to get FS2Crew to run correctly. Prior to the update all was working perfectly. The problem begins with the Pre Flight Checklist. I receive no response from FO when I call for the checklist. When I press PF Events I get 1 of 2 messages. The one I'm used to is a female voice saying "Hello, Captain, how are you?". Sometimes I also get a male voice saying "OK, let's get set up here". At 40 min the FO leaves for the walkaround. At 29 min she returns and says all is good. At 19 min FO starts Pre Flight Flow. At 15 min I call for Pre Flight Checklist and that's where I do not receive a response. The FO will work Before Start Procedure and Runway Entry Procedure when commanded but no voice responses. I uninstalled and reinstalled FS2Crew. Uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled FS2Crew to no avail. I start with the default Trike and then select PMDG777, usually freight version. I then load the short panel state. I can see my voice commands when I issue them to the FO. On one test flight I manually configured the aircraft and departed. At some point the FO got back on the job and would execute commands but on the next flight she stopped at the Pre Flight Checklist command. Not sure what to try next. Thanks, Jerry
  7. FEDEX061

    Center Fuel Tank Operations

    Some interesting information on the 777 fuel system.
  8. FEDEX061

    Gauge displays missing lettering

    Support sent me several font files to install in FSX Font folder and that fixed the issue. I have no idea what caused the problem to begin with but at least it is now fixed. Hats off to the support guys. Jerry
  9. FEDEX061

    Gauge displays missing lettering

    D/L a trial version of ASN for a networked computer. In trying to get it to work I changed some sim connect files and reloaded FSUIPC. After that I lost all lettering from my displays. Displays still show throttle position and such but no alpha/numeric information. I've submitted a support ticket and I am waiting for a reply. Anyone experience this issue before or have any suggestions in the mean time? Thanks, Jerry Carroll FDX061
  10. FEDEX061

    Is this a bug? and known issue?

    OMG, don't even insinuate there might be a problem. There's a nutcase that lurks around here and will flip the "F" out on you for that. Just kidding, inside joke. Jerry
  11. FEDEX061

    777 and STAR altitude restrictions

    My last post on this thread. Always helpful to get ideas from others and I appreciate you all taking the time to reply. A shame that not all responses wanted to address the topic as opposed to addressing other interpersonal matters. Internet life I suppose. Over and out. Jerry
  12. FEDEX061

    777 and STAR altitude restrictions

    Thanks AAL125. I find myself using these more and more.
  13. FEDEX061

    777 and STAR altitude restrictions

    You and I are two completely different pilots. As a real world pilot I simply do not accept the "close enough" attitude when flying. If I have a crossing altitude of 12,000' then I will be at 12,000' at or before the waypoint. If I am not then I will be reviewing what went wrong because in my opinion that was a mistake and I do not take mistakes made while flying lightly no matter how small they may seem. If your criteria is that anything close to 12,000' is good enough then so be it. All I'm saying is that is not the way I choose to fly. I plan on continuing to fly the 777 because I love it. I accept the fact that this is sim flying and airplanes do what they are told to do whether by control input from the pilot or by commands from the autopilot. My only point was I thought the FMC was not as accurate controlling descent to a crossing restriction as I wish it was. No need to posture up and get defensive from someone's opinion even though it may differ from yours. And if you want to paraphrase my comments please keep them in the same ballpark. I never stated I thought airplanes flew on rails. Have a good one. Jerry
  14. FEDEX061

    777 and STAR altitude restrictions

    I disagree with this notion. Over the years I have learned that flying can be as precise as you choose to make it or at least as precise as your equipment will allow. I'm talking real world aviation. Everyone sets their own allowances for holding heading, altitude, airspeed and so on. This even applies to how you taxi. Some just want to stay on the paved surface while others, including myself, want to straddle the centerline. I said I wouldn't nitpick but I take that back. I'm disappointed that the PMDG777 doesn't do a better job being at required altitudes at or before the waypoint. Why not fail on the safe side and be at the published altitude slightly before reaching the waypoint? Not a violation of procedures if you're at the required altitude a mile before the waypoint. To me if you are consistently late on altitudes that's just sloppy flying. I can live with it and will find ways to adjust for it but just think some part of the programming isn't exactly right.
  15. FEDEX061

    777 and STAR altitude restrictions

    Thanks for the replies. I'll accept as is and not nitpick either. Jerry