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  1. I have the same Problem too! If I remove the folder "Weather" the indexer stucks at the next follder ... and so on .... Without any addon airports it has worked fine! But I can not deinstall all my 30 addon airports only for testing the VoxATC indexer .....
  2. does anyone else have this problem?
  3. Hi, when I turn the "Heading Knob" (HDG not armed on my 2D panel, PMDG 737 NGX, P3D v4) I have a impact of the framerates from more than 50% and extreme stutter!!!! When I finish the turn is again everything fine and smooth! It would work all perfectly, only with this problem it is impossible to fly ... This is my cockpit with 3 monitor surround view Best regards, Klaus
  4. in VoxATC every instruction of the controller commes twice or triple. Also the "radio check" and so on ... In the Popup Base I have onliy one controller-voice.
  5. koli

    Voxatc beta 7.2

    The voices of VoxATC are 10 times more realistic than from Pilot2ATC!!! Klaus
  6. A Question about the "Cepstal Voices": Do they have the same realistic "radio sound" like the VoxPop-Voices?
  7. and one more thing: I have installed Microsoft .NETwork 4.5.2. Can maybe that be the problem? And I have also no "Recent Communications" Panel in the FSX "Instrument Panel Menue".
  8. once again the "last aircraft, say again" problem! I fly with the FSX (sp1 u. sp2, Windows 7 x64), everything is configured correctly, the headset works fine, and all the settings I've done as prescribed. BUT I have to repeat each phrase twice! VoxATC always says the first time "last aircraft, say again" The problem is at version 6.5 as well as in previous versions of VoxATC!!!
  9. koli


    are there also improvements for FSX users in this new version 6.5?
  10. koli

    active runway in voxatc

    On departure when I press the zero "0" key the menu opens and I can select other runways. But when I speak the "controller" always say "unable at this time" (also after 20 trials the same answer) Also the same when the VoxATC-Traffic is set to zero. So, how can I select a other runway for departure? Klaus, from LOWG