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  1. First officer problem (version 6.52)

    Before contacting Tegwyn I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one having this issue and that I wasn't doing something wrong I'll post the fix here, if there's one. Cheers!
  2. I recently migrated to P3D v2.5 (I was hesitant because I had v2.4 running almost flawlessly). VoxAtc 6.52 is running fine, however if I enable the FO (much needed on longhaul flights) it goes totally crazy. Both the FO and controllers start looping the same phrase again and again. Sometimes the FO doesn't talk at all or controllers do not respond if he talks. Other times he refuses to switch frequency when requested. Tried to uninstall and reinstall everything, no joy. On v2.4, FO had no problems. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? Thank you!
  3. Communication issue

    I second that. I use Multi Crew Experience and its voice recognition works almost flawlessly. Can't say the same about VoxAtc, even if I've run the speech training extensively.
  4. Communication issue

    Indeed, no matter what you say, the second time Voxatc will always pick it up. Don't know why, but it works even if you say random words, I checked that.
  5. Vectored away from airport?

    When flying into KSAN rwy 27 I always request the RNAV approach. That should let you fly the STAR. Then it asks you to report some points during the approach and to contact tower when you're on final. As for the vectors, I suggest you try with another, ILS-equipped, airport. It could be that Voxatc has some sort of problems vectoring a visual approach at KSAN (I've never tried that, because, as mentioned, I always request a RNAV approach).
  6. Performance question

    Thanks man! I'm seeing your answer just now. Anyway, I'm running a test with OCCT in this very moment. With HT switched off, as you suggested, I'm hitting 4.7 GHz and temps average 63-65 degrees (max recorded temp is 74 on core 1, for now). CPU Vcore is stable at 1.3v. Do you think I could push it even harder? My DRAM speed is 666,5 MHz, as per CPU-Z (DDR3). Thank you!
  7. Performance question

    Just a quick update! It took me a while (mostly because I almost had no spare time), but I finally managed to update my system. I bought a Noctua NH-D14 cooler (which performs better than the liquid coolers I could afford) and changed my motherboard to an ASRock Z77 Pro4, in order to perform a better overclock. Now the CPU runs at 4.6 GHZ and temps never exceed 60c. I also managed to obtain a good balance between performance and graphics, building a prepar3d.cfg file from scratch. Now the sim runs smoothly and I'm very happy with the result! I just wanted to thank again Vic and Kristoffer for their amazing support! Cheers.
  8. Performance question

    Hello, I tried to ask this on LM forum, but received no answer. I run P3D v2.5 and until last week I was experiencing really bad fps. Flying with the Aerosoft Airbus A320, I struggled to maintain 20-25 fps at cruise altitude, 12-15 fps on approach at detailed airports (like FSDT) and 8-10 fps on the ground. Then I came across the OPTIMIZE PARTS=1 tweak, which gave me an extra 10 fps, which is great. However, looking at other threads, it seems that these fps are still pretty low, if compared to what other people are experiencing, even those with low-end computers. I understand this is very subjective, but I'm still wondering if, given my PC specs, I should ask for more performance and if there might be something I'm doing wrong. I tried to play with the settings, but nothing seems to help boosting the fps. I can post here my sim settings and prepar3d.cfg, if needed. My specs are: P3D v2.5 Intel Core i7-3770K @3.50 GHz 8GB DDR RAM Sapphire HD7970 3GB GDDR5 VoxAtc 6.5+Ultimate Traffic 2 (traffic set to 35%) Any help is much appreciated.