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  1. Nice effort but seems too cartoon for the new p3d V4 requierments. Any feedback? NB: Thanks Tooting for UT2 P3D V4 new aircrafts skins/ Amazing
  2. No addin effects regarding P3D V4 natives No P3D V4 compatibility outside chase No immersion package for my Pmdg's Why are you using it ?
  3. P3D v3 and 4 Problems after 777 Install

    1) It append for me as Flight estonia migration tool user, i doesn't works because your registry and P3d V2, FSx etc were created. 2) I clean up my registry and it works with both P3D but installed twice (one per sim) 3) Did not to have to start P3D with other aircraft, trouble seems to be resolved with the default F22 splash screen
  4. PMDG 777 P3D V4

    1) Apologize from my previous nervous com :( 2) Downloaded and installed AS ADMIN, OP is starting automaticly and liveries are great: Carefull, after license validation, shut down P3D V4 and restart computer to avoid some minors bugs 3) Works great but less performances as expected in VC (around 30-35 fps without AI trafic - GTX 1080 TI / I75960x 128 Go of ram) 4) For Flight Planner, you've noticed P3D V4 planner is not working well. I'm using http://onlineflightplanner.org/ and I did some flights export with FSX / PMDG to the appropriate folder and it works !! Only steps altitude have to be recalculated by the FMS. 5) Some minors textures bugs near the Wings karma occured with MSAA *4 and ground in external view 6) GSX is working well with it Thanks for this delivery :)
  5. PMDG 777 P3D V4

    Follow this Web page http://support.precisionmanuals.com/news/43/prepar3d-v4-product-update-schedule.aspx
  6. How can I get manuals before installation?

    Did you try https://www.precisionmanuals.com/pages/downloads/docs.html ? or Step by step Change part number http://c-aviation.net/review/boeing-777-pmdg-part-1 And so from 1 to 5
  7. All the errors encountered appear to be related to the non-uninstalling of the previous P3D V3.4 (with the directories cleaning, registry with ccleaner etc) and the new PMDG installer which check the two versions at the same time. Make your choice and no more problem with FSUIPC 5 or this beautiful 747 ! Run all "install folder\Prepar3D v4\redist\Interface\" (FSX-RTM\retail\lib, FSX-SP1\retail\lib, FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib to see gear, etc..
  8. 777 in Prepar3D V4

    Remember Explain delays.
  9. 777 in Prepar3D V4

    Sorry for not following your opinion, but the business logic proves that the 747's orders have been rising since the release of P3D V4. Nevertheless, I can understand that in 5 months, as privileged partner of Lockeed, they did not consider it good to satisfy the free customers on their product (225$ both 777+ER) Apart from that, I have never seen such a level of realism on flight simulators and it looks good that we wait even if this is more than unbearable.
  10. Prepar3d v4

    Prepar3d V4 soon: http://www.prepar3d.com/v4beta/ Wait and see