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  1. mfourn20


    Right on Jim. I just discovered KGFL freeware, in the Duke it's a nice distance from my New England stomping grounds! Downloading 5B2 now.
  2. mfourn20

    SOLVED: Missing Lights Texture

    Hi, I did a little digging and found that this is caused by FSX missing a default texture. Specifically it's missing "FX_2.bmp". You can use the FSX DVD and do a repair however I just downloaded a replacement texture from the avsim library. ""
  3. Which file am I missing here? And can anyone tell me how I can fix this? Have since solved the issue. Thanks!
  4. mfourn20

    Could I fly a real Boeing 737-800?

    After hundreds of hours in flightsim I met with a pilot. He let me fly an entire flight from taxi to landing while he handled the communications. This was in a Piper Archer I did everything from taxing the plane, to the run up, takeoff, climb, cruise, and pattern+landing. I nailed everything all with zero in plane experience. The sim made me feel very familiar with the aircraft and I knew exactly what to do. I actually found real flying to be much easier than in the sim because of all the extra sensory input..feeling the aircraft move and being able to freely look around made all the difference...and oh the framerates were soo smooth. Granted this was nice weather, and just a Piper Archer. I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to driving things though. Driving machines just comes naturally to me. I watched a couple youtube videos on how to drive a car with a manual trans. Then I went out and bought one and drove it home with no issues.
  5. Quick shot of a fictional paint I've been working on. The duke is a very different shape than the 402, so it's a little challenging. Has avsim's image upload policy changed? I can't seem to use the IMG tag from photobucket anymore...
  6. mfourn20

    Real life route planner

    I use While it isn't really planning, I grab real world airline specific flight plans from there.
  7. mfourn20

    Legacy N41VR almost ready

    O did I not know about this? Thank you. You may see some paints from me now!
  8. mfourn20

    Legacy N41VR almost ready

    I haven't touched it in awhile. If I remember correctly you have to greatly exaggerate the curves. I'm a designer by trade and work with Photoshop everyday but I really get sick of closing and reopening FSX to check a paints there an obvious solution I've missed?
  9. mfourn20

    Legacy N41VR almost ready

    I've been working on a paint of this plane. Aligning the paint on the underside of the nose is a booger!
  10. mfourn20

    HTAI Cessna 402 - Texture Issue

    Hi all, I am running DX10. I've used DTXBmp to export a variety of file types. I think I've tried DDS, and DXT as well as 32 bit Bmp...always with alpha though (for the props) I'll try shutting off DX10. Thanks!
  11. mfourn20

    HTAI Cessna 402 - Texture Issue

    Hi, Sorry to just bump the topic but given AVSIM went down I thought I would. I'm really curious to get this answered!
  12. Hi All, I'm trying to use the HTAI Cessna 402 with Ultimate Traffic 2. Unfortunately when I load up the sim the AI 402s have no textures. Does anyone know the fix for this? I've added, the base model, and the livery to the Ultimate Traffic 2 aircraft folder, and linked the repaint to the flight plans within UT2. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. mfourn20

    Lost motivation to fly

    I sit in front of a computer all day at work. I find a flew a lot more when I didn't. Now I go home and don't want to sit in front of the computer, but still want to fly, it's annoying actually...I get all excited to fly at the end of the day, and sit in front of the computer and say to myself, well, this stinks.