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  1. From the first time I heard of you guys I was astonished, especially because of the things you do. Now this is some stuff that will definitely be bought by me. I can only imagine that this will enhance my sim a lot. The only thing depressing about this, is the fact that we are in the flight deck most of the time, and won't always be able to see the immersion etc. but I guess that makes for more outside views! Great work guys!
  2. Hello flightsimmers, A friend of mine gave me his vibration settings and I would like to implement them into my ezdok. So my question is, how do you do it? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey, after breaking my head about everything, I decided to just reset my graphics card back to the old driver. Works great. I'll see if the next driver will work once it comes out. If that doesnt work, then i'll do what you said. Thanks
  4. Hello flight simmers, I updated my graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 970) to version 344.48. When I proceeded to open FSX, my complete anti-aliasing was messed up. I checked nvidia inspector and all of the settings were as they were before, yet my FSX shows loads of pixels. It worked before I updated the driver, so why shouldn't it work now? Is there any solution? Is there any procedure if have to do whenever I update GPU drivers? Thanks in advance
  5. iceidic

    PMDG 777 missing liveries.

    Hello Guys, Thanks for the quick response! Thats why I love this forum The problem is solved, I had all of the variants checked, but there were partially incomplete commands in the .cfg. I replaced the incomplete ones with the template above, and solved the problem Thanks a lot Brownman and pete_auau. Greetings
  6. iceidic

    PMDG 777 missing liveries.

    Hello flight simmers! A bit of a pre-story, Recently I deleted my fsx.cfg and then started up fsx to receive a fresh default fsx.cfg. After that, I tweaked the fsx.cfg and replaced it with the fresh one. So now, I have a perfectly working fsx.cfg with, no problems. Ok, so then I look into my aircraft directory (in fsx) and see that all aircraft are there, however with no liveries. I deleted and reinstalled the liveries of the PMDG 777 in the operations center. However this did not work either. Now I don't know what to do! As I don not want to fly with the standard PMDG 777 paint which is the only one existing at the moment. Any answer would be appreciated, Thanks!