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  1. Topher

    Strange Problem, cant find answer

    Re built the shaders as well, running like a dream again. Many thanks for all of your help!
  2. Topher

    Strange Problem, cant find answer

    This must have been it, it found 2 drivers, re installed through DDU, works perfectly now, thanks!
  3. My original specs: - i5 4670k oc'd 4.2GHz GTX 770 2GB 8GB 2400Mhz RAM Okay so I have been using the original FSX with Acceleration boxed version for a long time now on a monitor 1600x900 on the above specs, full orbx scenery, PMDG, AS, REX and more, smooth flying to be had 30-50 fps all the time. Today I upgraded to a 1080p monitor and changed my graphics card out for a GTX 1060 6GB, now when I load up FSX the fps is really bad, like down to 8fps bad, even when I load a fresh cfg with default trike at a default airport I will see 60-odd fps but as soon as I pan the camera it will drop to 5-7fps all the time, I have lowered all of the sliders and nothing seems to change this. Is there any reason why this is happening, or anything that other users have encountered, I really want to get back to flying. Any help is appreciated
  4. Topher


    Hello All, Does anyone know if it is possible to integrate Flight1's GTN750 into this aircraft? Cheers
  5. Topher

    GTN 750 in PC-12

    I have added the GPS to the PC12, only in Gauge 3 and left the GNS model in gauge 4. Now when I try to change the radio freq in com1 on the GNS in gauge 4 I cannot change anything left of the decimal point. Is there a fix to this?
  6. Ok so I took the plunge and picked up the GTN750, its a great piece of kit. The only thing I have found with it so far is the moving around the map, when I click and drag to move on the map it doesn't move despite "Pan Mode" being shown on the black bar at the bottom of the GPS screen?
  7. Great, thanks for clarifying that
  8. Yes it was the GTN Trainer I was referring to. Just seems like a big download if it doesn't even need to be running.
  9. Can anyone confirm that you do not need to install or have the supplied software running while using the GTN? Speaking to different friends who have the gauge and getting some conflicting reports...
  10. Ok I shall take that into consideration on the performance side of things, I fly completely in Northern America mostly CONUS so that isn't an issue
  11. Thanks for the reply, I just want to be sure of performance before I buy I am running an i5 4670k 4.2GHz 2GB GTX 770 8GB Hyper X Beast RAM 2400MHz Can anyone hazard a guess on what drop I can expect on my system?
  12. Oh that's good I didn't realise the database was as recent as 2015, I heard somewhere that it was 2011 data that comes with it? Also is there any fps/performance loss with the GTN?
  13. I just realised that the GPS only supports navdata upgrades from Garmin. That may be a deal breaker as they are ridiculously expensive for sim use. How accurate is the data that Gomes with the GTN?
  14. Hello All So I am mainly a GA pilot, but i am fed up of the standard FSX GPS systems and I am looking at purchasing Flight 1's GTN 750 GPS, it looks incredible. I do have a few questions though, - How easy is it to integrate into the Navajo? - Can it also be integrated into the Pilatus PC 12? - Are there any adverse effects in Carenado aircraft when the GTN is used? Thanks for any advice