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  1. Well not yet. I need to compare my current fsx.cfg to this 'original' one that is working. See if any of the Steve's DX10 tweaks are the cause...
  2. No, not with any other games. Only FSX. But your suggestion to rebuild the fsx.cfg file gave me an idea to test my original fsx.cfg file. I set it to use Dx10 and it has none of the other tweaks at all. And it does not appear to have the texture corruptions and flashing. So that gives me a place to start figuring this out. At least it doesn't appear to be any graphics driver issues or C++ issues at this point.
  3. Ok, I just did a 30 minute Stress Test with MSI Kombustor and had no errors with a max temp of 56c. And my GPU is 'not' overclocked.
  4. I have been working through getting FSX to run well on my new system: ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme mb i7 6700k (OC'ed to 4.6ghz) GTX980 4gb video card 64gb memory(yea, I know.. overkill) Triple-Monitor(5760x1080) with a 4th touchscreen I am using the FSX CD + Acceleration Pack version. And I am running it as Dx 10 using Steve's DX10 Fixer. I have gone through Steve's 'How To' guide and set all the settings in my fsx.cfg. My gpu is maxed out at 99% most of the time, and I have my Affinity set to 254(1111 1110) and it seems to be using all cores except 0(Which is for Windows). So, that seems like it should be all ok, right? This seems to happen most when the view is of a long distance away. In the cockpit it doesn't happen too much. It happens more outside, and often the blue background sky goes black. I was thinking this might be because my graphics card was getting maxed out? So, I turned down the AA in NVI and also set Limited the Framerate to 30(aka 31 in fsx.cfg). None of this helped. So, now I was wondering if maybe I need to change my FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.15 to something different. But I'm kind of shooting blind here. I don't really know.. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Snacko The graphic corruption does not show up when I do a screen print. So, I had to take pics with my phone:
  5. Thanks for the reply. Ok.. Well since AA only works if I check it on in FSX, I am doing that.(I get terrible jaggies if I turn it OFF in FSX, and Apply that profile in NI) And then I am trying to change the AA settings in NI to see if it is having any control over the AA. But I don't see any difference. So, I don't know if NI is working.
  6. I am trying to use nVidia Inspector, and I am confused as to why it doesn't work if I turn OFF AA in FSX Settings? And when I turn it ON in FSX, how am I to know that it is Inspector or FSX that is doing the AA??? I thought that I was supposed to turn AA OFF(uncheck the box) in FSX. And then the nVidia Inspector drivers (when set to: 'Override any application settings') would over ride the AA and apply it's settings. But it does not work. Here you say it should be turned ON. But in this 'nVidia Inspector Complete Guide' at SimForums it says to turn it OFF. This instruction is right after the first nVidia Inspector profile window. So, I am confused.. My nVidia Inspector Settings:
  7. Snacko

    FSX Main Menu image won't AA

    Yes, that does smooth out the jaggies in the Menu. Thanks. The game still looks good. I don't notice anything so far, but will keep that in mind. Thanks!
  8. Snacko

    FSX Main Menu image won't AA

    Yes, I'm using DX10. I have Steve's DX10 Fixer too. I did have Fraps running, so I turned it off just now and loaded the game. It still looks the same Also, Fraps says I am getting only 16fps on that Main Menu pic of the aircraft. Why is that? In the game I get 30-80fps.
  9. I'm not sure what the problem is. Maybe it's an nVidia settings issue? I have FSX Box + Acceleration Pack running on Windows 10 x64 on a nVidia GTX 980 4gb. For some reason the Main Free Flight window does not Anti-Alias the aircraft image. It's not a huge deal, but I was wondering if someone knew what may cause this problem? Here you can see the jaggies along the wings and fuselage. But here, in the game you can see it's just fine:
  10. Snacko

    ORBX Airport Maps - Freeware and Payware

    I'm a noob too, and see that my question about what a .kmz file is was answered above. Are these maps for these Orbx Free Airports? US and Europe? And the Payware are all of Orbx payware airports?
  11. Snacko

    Elevator trim not working

    I know this is an old thread, but I had this problem and found my solution that I wanted to post. I could not get Trim to work. The Np7 and Np1 keys would do nothing. Assigning Elevator Trim to a button or axis did not work. I finally noticed that FSX had assigned a TON of buttons on my controllers to many, many commands that were incorrect. But even with these button assignments, since they were not being pushed, I didn't see why it would cause the problem. But I went through and Deleted every controller button assignment and axis in the game. Then I flew the Cessna 172. When I pressed the Np7 & Np1 keys, the Elevator Trim WORKED! So, it was a control conflict. I backed up my FSX Controller/Keyboard file(C:\Users\....\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls\Standard.XML) to a safe location since it was a lot of work deleting everything and making sure it was 'clean'. Then I re-assigned all of my controllers and they are working fine now. ;-)
  12. Snacko

    FSX acting weird (camera shaking)

    I re-imaged my other boot drive with a basic Windows 7 backup image with nothing extra on it, and that fixed my problems. So, it was not hardware. Something software related, but I don't have any idea except something about my nVidia Surround in my old Windows 7 was confusing things..
  13. Snacko

    FSX acting weird (camera shaking)

    Well, it wasn't my wireless keyboard. I replace that with my wired one and still had the problem. Then I remembered that I had a dual boot system. So, I booted over to the other boot and installed FSX. That fixed the shaky problem. So it wasn't a hardware problem. Seems like it has to be a software problem. But I then had a new problem. My TrackIR would not center correctly. No matter what I did, it always was centered to the rear/left facing about 300° (left a little). This could not be fixed with any software updates, ect.. So I have now restored a basic Windows install from a backup image and will be testing with that soon.
  14. Snacko

    FSX acting weird (camera shaking)

    I have this same problem. It would be nice if a solution was posted... I have upgraded my system from 2 monitors (1 game + 1 touchscreen) which has always worked fine in all games. To a 4 monitor system (3 game monitors in nVidia Surround as 1 screen + 1 touchscreen). This also works fine in most games. After I did this FSX worked ok at first. That was about 2 weeks ago. Now it is all jumpy and shaky. Depending on the view, both the aircraft and scenery shake wildly, or just the aircraft shakes and the terrain is stable. I have uninstalled/Reinstalled FSX 3 times. Tried running FSX with only my touchscreen enabled in Windows. Tried running FSX in 1920x1080 on my main monitor (surround) Set all graphics to the lowest possible. Checked all wireless mice/keyboards in the house to be off. (except the one I am using) Disabled my game controllers. Uninstalled my nVidia drivers and reinstalled newer ones. None of this has helped. But now that I write this, I am thinking of disabling all of my wireless keyboard and mice, and trying my old normal keyboard. Because that IS about the only change I made in the past 2 weeks. I'll post back if that is an issue.