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  1. WarthogCC

    FMC honeywellfmc.zip (Garrett Smith)

    I know this old post keeps getting restarted. But it's the only one that seems relevant. My only problem is that when you go to calc VNAV it keeps putting Ground Speed along the entire route instead of IAS. So what happens when you activate it? It uses that number to auto adjust your AP when your AP is looking for IAS. Example: I was flying my A380 at .85 Mach and was already at cruise alt FL390. I entered my cruise alt (39000) into VNAV and hit Calc. It showed 510/39000 at each Cruise Alt waypoint. So each time I passed the next waypoint it auto set my Mach setting to over 1.15! (which would be the correct Mach number if 510 was IAS). I would be overspeed before I even realized it and would have to quickly disengage the AT, reduce throttle, set it again, and re-engage it. It's definitely a PITA (Pain It The...) So I had to manually edit each and every waypoint to read 270/39000 (which is .85 Mach at that Alt) in the VNAV and Activate and it worked fine after that. But why should you have to do that? I gave up and have come to the conclusion that I cannot use VNAV. :( I already know that the FS flight planner has it's bugs. If you click on NavLog it shows ground speed settings along the route instead of IAS. Obviously that is the problem. Does anyone know of a fix to this so that the Honeywell FMC imports the speeds properly? Note: Yes I have made sure it was installed correctly. Everything else works fine about it except that. I also tested it in several other airliners at different altitudes and speeds and it does the same.
  2. WarthogCC

    Aerosoft AES VS FSDreamTeam GSX

    I know this is an old thread but after today I have to add something about GSX. As far as the software is concerned I fully agree with alepro's assessment. But I must say GSX was developed and supported by one guy. And I just had the worst experience with that guy. I simply asked a few months ago for support regarding entering the serial number. I found out later that the popup appeared behind the FSX app when in full screen. But when I asked initially for this help, the very first comment I got was an insult. "it's really simple if you wouldv'e read the documentation." assuming FINDING the documentation was easy. When I continued on to explain to him how difficult is was to figure out, he just kept insulting my intelligence. Telling me that it's simple, or, (the popup) isn't showing because of something I might be running in the background, or, "no one else has this problem so why do you?", etc, etc. It kept going on like this even though he could have simply said "the documentation is located here..." or "some people have discovered that the popup usually 'hides' when in full screen" or "not a problem, let me see if I can assist you with that", or, "any feedback you can provide would better help me, help you.", or just generally being nice overall. But no, it just was a bunch of avoidance responses and insults. (This was 3 months ago) In the end, I discovered today that he replied back with a "final" insulting response. So I had asked him nicely Why? Why all the insults and elitist attitude? To which it went on some more. I already saw where this was going so I had said that I am not afraid to post reviews about this. No one should have to be treated the way I was. So he decided to give me an immediate refund with the mindset that "You are now no longer a customer and cannot say such things." LOL I didn't even ask for a refund. Oh well, his loss. Maybe one day he'll grow up. Note: I just wanted to say that I in no way condone insulting people or making them look bad. But when you are a "customer" paying REAL MONEY for support, you would expect to be treated fairly. Apparently this is not the case with the developer of GSX.
  3. WarthogCC

    REX Installation

    What "REX Database Repair Application"? I don't have that. You wanna share? Edit: Nevermind. I see it.