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  1. Delta558

    Is adverse yaw well modeled in P3D?

    A very good point - I believe that the Turn/Slip instrument in the sim is set to work on amount of rudder applied proportional to bank angle. Basically, MS stuffed up the use of rudder in the early sims and we are still left with the same instrument as the subject has not been highlighted enough and that poorly reacting instrument has just become accepted.
  2. Delta558

    Is adverse yaw well modeled in P3D?

    At a very basic level: My early flying was gliders (got to Silver 'C' standard, probably preferred gliding to powered tbh). The use of rudder in a turn is way more in gliders than it is in powered. There is also a lot of 'jockeying' of the rudder in a turn to keep the reference point balanced on the horizon / fight against a thermal pushing you out etc. so when I moved over to powered I found initially I was over-controlling the rudder. Adverse aileron yaw is caused in the main by deflection of the ailerons (no surprises there!) and the effect that has on the shape of the wing / airflow over said wing. If you are in a balanced turn of any angle, once you have centred the stick you are just flying through the air so will also pretty much centre the rudder because the removal of the aileron deflection removes the requirement for rudder. There are still aerodynamic reasons for the use of rudder whilst in a banked turn, but the actual adverse aileron yaw is removed the instant the stick is returned to centre in a lateral sense. All this is based on a straight wing, of course. It was a bugbear of mine before I got into development as most FS aircraft required a progressive application of rudder purely dependant on angle of bank, whereas I have never flown anything in real life which requires such excessive use. To answer specifically the question asked, in all FSX versions and P3D up to and including v3 the aerodynamics of this are dealt with in table 1101 (primary aerodynamics). P3Dv4, there are new tables in the .air file which address the bulk of what used to be in 1101. Both methods have the ability to create yaw moment due to aileron deflection and yaw moment due to roll rate. It is entirely dependant upon how the fde modeller chooses to interpret the subject and create it within those tables. Paul.
  3. Delta558

    P40 Warhawk for FSW

    Err, what speed are you hoping to taxy at? Check the video below, you'll see that the RPM lever is fully forward and RPM doesn't get much above 2000 but manfold pressure is really the point here - that doesn't go much above 20 hg and with max continuous being 44 you're well in the rear half of the throttle range to obtain a good taxying speed. Indeed, most of the time the throttle is pulled back to a fast idle with just the occasional blip to give some airflow over the rudder for directional control. The take-off and landing are literally a quick 'jump in the aircraft after a week away flying tubeliners and see how it goes'.
  4. Delta558

    JustFlight PA-28R Arrow released

    Okay, this MAY be a solution for you - have a look at the trim gauge on the TB series, there is a white square approximately 3/4 of the way up the gauge to the front. That's the T/O setting. From memory, it should load up in that position but of course, adjusting the trim can affect that (particularly if you use an axis rather than buttons). If you are actually setting it to neutral or just forward of that, then the trim is way too far back for take off and will cause the pitching and, of course, actually 'trimming up' for take off will make the problem much worse. Cheers, Paul.
  5. Delta558

    JustFlight PA-28R Arrow released

    On the TB10 / 20, where do you have the trim set at take off?
  6. Delta558

    JustFlight PA-28R Arrow released

    What I mean is the effect in the simulator - it is not at all responsive to adjustments in the airfile or the .cfg file. Change in the shape of the wing in real life, yes. In FS, it should respond to the input from those files but it doesn't - I've even programmed in nose-up change with the flaps. Go to the sim, drop the flaps and the nose goes down!
  7. Delta558

    JustFlight PA-28R Arrow released

    Thank you all very much for the comments so far - I'm currently making very fine adjustments to the empty CG and may 'fudge' the positions of the rear passengers / load compartment slightly. They seem to have an overly strong effect, but then it is known that lateral imbalance is exaggerated so I supose why not pitch as well? I certainly wouldn't expect the addition of 200lb cargo to have the effect it does! To address directly a couple of the points made: Scott - Fuel flow adjusted to point at mid 'cruise' on the FF gauge at 25/2400. Caught that one too late for inclusion. Rob - 1) I didn't touch the trim throughout except for slight adjustment with gear and flap changes. I was overly harsh with the yoke on take off to try and provoke pitching, but then once I had the angle of climb I let go and didn't touch it again until past 200ft agl. 2) the pitching with flap is odd - it's set to virtually zero in the files but seems exaggerated for the amount it's set to. However, the PNs state: "The airplane will experience a pitch change during flap extension or retraction.This pitch change can be corrected by either stabilator trim or increased controlwheel force." I think that the balance is correct there - it can be held by slight adjustment of the yoke or it can be trimmed if you want. The nose-down effect I believe comes more from the reduced airspeed because they do tend to act as airbrakes (confirmed by our Arrow pilot, a very similar effect to what I remember from flying the Rallye - full flap was like chucking an anchor out, I know what you mean there Gregg!). Also, note the lift element is minimal - only a 5kt difference between clean and full flap stall speed. Good stuff so far, I'm hopeful of getting this sorted fairly quickly. The bad news - I'm away from the computer for about 48hrs with real life stuff, but I'll get onto it as soon as I'm back. Cheers, Paul.
  8. Delta558

    JustFlight PA-28R Arrow released

    Hi guys, I created the fde for the Arrow - so far we have had one beta tester mention this problem with the release version but obviously there are more of you seeing it. Below is a vid of what I see; trim a touch back from neutral, no flap, payload of 170 (the pilot), full fuel. You may just see that at about 50kts I pulled the yoke fully aft to make it as 'pitchy' as I could, it still seems smooth to me. I also flew much of the circuit with my hands off the controls, no trim inputs except for gear retraction / extension and flap extension. It's real-world weather, P3D V3 and Orbx UK / UK2000 scenery, nothing else. There's obviously something amiss, but I want to get it fixed so if you'd care to look at the vid (it's only about 5 mins) and give me an idea how far off that your experience is (plus anything else you feel is relevant) I'd be grateful! Cheers, Paul.