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  1. The images were blank for me too, or so I thought. 😉 With my internet connection I wasn't waiting long enough the 4K images to download. Thank you making these images. 👍
  2. I have used this for a long time with no problem with updates. The updates over write it and you have to reset it after the update. Bill
  3. The latest FSHUD update - 1.1.49 - June 24, 2022 New – Added direct synchronization with weather server (can now access weather from within the application for more accurate runway and procedure assignments). Improved - Overall application performance (including startup and during flight.
  4. Could be corrected. I just logged in there.
  5. Years back a friend of mine who's father flew P-51's in Europe had him try a P-51 in a flight sim. He then asked his father if that felt like a P-51. His father's reply was, "What do you mean, feels like a P-51? It's a box on the desk!" That is where we are. 😊
  6. Yes it does and I like the curve. I know that some people don't.
  7. I bought this one a year ago and FS2020 looks great on it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08FF3HDW5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  8. I was stunned by the FPS. It is better then either the 414 or the 310. 😃
  9. In your PMDG folder in the Community folder - C:\FS2020\Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\Documentation or where ever your Community folder is located.
  10. That is what I was thinking. His statements say the very thing that he is denying. 😳😁
  11. Apparently the KAP140 doesn't have a yaw damper as pert of the system. The 310 user manual didn't show one either.
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