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  1. DCS setting

    Check under your 'User' account files for a 'Saved Games' folder. That should have your DCS World 'Config' files. In the 'Config' folder is your options.lua file. See if there is a backup for the file. If there is move or rename the options.lua file and rename the backed up file to options.lua. That may get you back to square one. Don't ask me how I know. Bill
  2. Use of an ATC Add-on

    I used VoxATC for quite a while but for me now, the ultimate is Pilot2ATC. Either one of them beats the socks off of the built in ATC. Bill
  3. Moving

    I just loaded the sim and opened the 'Control Assignments' and Forward and Backward arrows were re-assigned to MoveUp and MoveDown. I set them back to Forward and Backward and they again worked as you wanted them to. When ChasePlane loaded the program was updated to v0.4.194. I don't know if loading the update had anything to do with this. I closed and reopened ChasePlane and the were still selected. A bit confusing. "That's exactly what i did it only reads up arrow key,and that's exactly what it does." Are you saying that the UpArrow key does work as you want but not the DownArrow key?
  4. Moving

    I tried it by setting the arrow keys in Preferences / Controls / Key, with the UpArrow for 'Forward' and the DownArrow for 'Backward' and the others for MoveLeft and MoveRight. It works as selected. Bill
  5. What headset do you use?

    I'm using a Sades A7 USB headset with no problems. I purchased this headset 1 1/2 years ago so there is probably a new model by now. Bill
  6. You guys were right

    I switched over to P3Dv4 a while back. I never ran FSX SE again and finally deleted it. I had to spend on ad-dons but it has been well worth it. Bill
  7. Upgrading to 2.4

    From the website download page - "DO NOT UNINSTALL ANYTHING. If you want to keep your existing data, use the Update program download below." Pilot2ATC Bill
  8. AutoHotkey for "pseudo" Fullscreen?-anyone using

    To expand on this topic a bit, I used AutoHotKey with FSX SE for full screen mode because I would get freeze ups using Alt-Enter in FSX SE and not wanting to run in windowed mode I went to AutoHotKey and eliminated the problem. When I switched to P3D v4 I just continued to use it as it was already setup. Today I tried Alt-Enter for full screen in P3D. I run Pilot2ATC on a second monitor now and when I used Alt-Enter for full screen in P3D, Pilot2ATC would minimize on the other monitor and I would have to reset that screen, not so using AutoHotKey. So depending on your setup, AutoHotKey might be the answer. Once it is installed it is one click to enable it. So I would say to each his own. Bill
  9. AutoHotkey for "pseudo" Fullscreen?-anyone using

    I use AutoHotKey with P3d with no problems. In the AutoHotKey folder is file FullScreen.exe. I run that file and my Full Screen key combination is Win - F11. The script file is titled fullscreen.ahk. I'm afraid that I don't remember where I got this script. It might have been installed with the AutoHotKey program. Anyway it works fine, just make sure that P3d is the active window when you use the full screen key combination as it will make any active screen full screen. Here is the script - Menu, tray, Default, Pseudo Full Screen /* * Bind to Win-F11. */ #F11::PseudoFullScreen() menuAbout: MsgBox, 8256, About, Maarten Boelens, Flight Sim Pseudo Full Screen v1.0.`n`nThis program and its source are in the public domain. return menuExit: ExitApp return menuPseudoFullScreen: Send !{Tab} ; go to previously active window (the currently active window is the taskbar !) Sleep, 200 PseudoFullScreen() return PseudoFullScreen() { global WinActive("A") WinGet, winId, ID if (isPseudoFullScreen_%winId% = 1) { ; already maximized: we restore the window WinSet, Style, +0x00C40000 WinMove, , , orig_%winId%_x, orig_%winId%_y, orig_%winId%_width, orig_%winId%_height isPseudoFullScreen_%winId% = 0 } else { ; not maximized: we maximize it WinGet, orig_%winId%_wasMaximized, MinMax WinGetPos, orig_%winId%_x, orig_%winId%_y, orig_%winId%_width, orig_%winId%_height ; store the old bounds WinSet, Style, -0x00C40000 WinMove, , , 0, 0, A_ScreenWidth, A_ScreenHeight isPseudoFullScreen_%winId% = 1 } } ; END OF PseudoFullScreen
  10. Ignored by ATC

    I have that happen also. My work around has been to use Sayit' to ask the Tower for a frequency change to Ground and then the Tower responds . Then I use 'Sayit' again to contact Ground and ask for 'taxi to gate' or 'parking', etc. Bill
  11. Any good LearJets for V4?

  12. Dicrepancies were found

    I get this message also Kevin. Thanks. Bill
  13. frmTERPs

    Hi Mike, I get the same thing when I have used up my 'High' speed data for the month and Verizon slows my internet access down. Bill
  14. Looking for a new plane

    You won't regret it. Bill
  15. WIP preview of my freeware Hondajet

    I can't be original here. I just have to say WOW also!! Bill