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  1. Bill Griffith

    fsl 319 released

    Me too. 😊 I looked at my order confirmation email which had this link - FSLabs Then with your initial order information you get to a download page. Bill
  2. Bill Griffith

    A2A C182 Skylane RXP GTN 650/750

    Thank you for the reply and explanation. Hopefully A2A will add that function to there KAP140 one day. I would look forward to having to enable the descent as in a real situation. I felt that the RXP was more realistic in not capturing the GS in that situation. Sometimes we want more realism then we can get. 😉 Would the RXP installation install the same for the A2A Comanche as for the A2A C182. I'm thinking that it might need its own custom files. Obviously the S-TEC 30 autopilot in the Comanche doesn't have a glideslope capture function to be concerned about. I'm now an RXP fan. Thank you for a great product. Bill
  3. Bill Griffith

    A2A C182 Skylane RXP GTN 650/750

    I have now Frank. I had various and assorted problems with my setup but finally I have everything functioning. I had issues at first with the RXP 750 due to my not knowing how to configure it properly. Once I figured that out with help from one of Bills511's post (Thank you very much.) on making the RXP the 'Master Device"then had the RXP 750 working. Prior to this I had reinstalled the F1 GTN and I flew an approach with no problem. I removed the F1 GTN and reinstalled the RXP and flew the same approach and it flew right through the glide slope. I re-flew the approach using the procedures in the pdf file by Howard Wolvington and the RXP 750 changed to LPV just after the IAF as it should but the write up by Howard Wolvington stated that shortly after switching to LPV the GTN should give you a message "APR Guidance Available' and a button on the screen to' 'Enable APR Output'. I didn't get the message and the KAP140 didn't couple to the glide slope. I was in NAV tracking up to that point as the article said that you could use HDG, ROL or NAV and ALT Hold up until then and then select APR. Now the F! GTN coupled and actually it shouldn't have and the RXP didn't and it should have. With the appropriate messages that is. Now my understanding that all of this is because of the KAP140 autopilot being used. I haven't tried the RXP with any other aircraft with different autopilots but I will. One nit is that the in panel &%) display is quite a bit brighter then the disp[lay on the pop-up display. I did go into the setup and turned the display brightness down so the the panel display wasn't so bright and washed out looking. As I said, a nit. 😉 I like, for lack of a better word, the 'feel' of the RXP and with my limited time with it, it seems to work just fine. I'm happy with the purchase. That is my experience so far Frank. Thank you for turning me on to the RXP. 🙂 Bill
  4. Bill Griffith

    A2A C182 Skylane RXP GTN 650/750

    No I haven't tried it yet Frank. It will be a little bit before I can give it a go. I have just gotten my A2A C182 to work correctly. After reinstalling I had the taxi problem which I had forgotten about. I have just finished putting a new case, motherboard and processor under my old computer 😉 which had bitten the dust. Thanks for the link to the PDF. Bill Bill
  5. Bill Griffith

    New training aircraft advice needed

    Thank you for the information Bill. Bill
  6. Bill Griffith

    New training aircraft advice needed

    Thank you for the information Frank. I missed that Reality XP now had a GTN. I did see in the A2A Configurator that the Reality XP selection was greyed out. I will probably have to give it a try. I like the updated database. It looks just fine in your screen shot. Sorry to get a bit off topic. 🙂 Bill
  7. Bill Griffith

    New training aircraft advice needed

    I don't think that anyone is arguing. I wasn't aware of another GTN add-on for the A2A aircraft. I would be interested in learning about that one. Thank you. Bill
  8. Bill Griffith

    New training aircraft advice needed

    The A2A C172 or C182 and the Flight1 GTN 650/750 would work well for you. Bill
  9. Bill Griffith

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    Nice work Chuck. Thank you for all the effort that you put into these guides. 🙂 Bill
  10. Bill Griffith

    Which version should I buy?

    There are great and better alternatives to use for the FSX style ATC. Pilot2ATC and ATC-PRO X are two of the best. Bill
  11. You have to file the flight plan after it is created or loaded. Once the flight plan is filed you can get your clearance. If, during your flight, you make a change to the flight plan you will need to refile. Bill
  12. Bill Griffith

    Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 released!

    Thanks for the video Rob. Bill
  13. Bill Griffith

    Performance Calculator - an up to date TOPCAT

    Worked! As you knew it would. Thank you for the help with that. It took you a minute to figure that out. Know telling how long I would have been at it. Bill
  14. Bill Griffith

    Performance Calculator - an up to date TOPCAT

    Thanks a bunch. I will do that. Bill
  15. Bill Griffith

    Performance Calculator - an up to date TOPCAT

    A great App. I haven't figured out how to get it to see my latest Navigraph data. It does show an expired version though. I figure that it is me missing something. Bill