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  1. I hadn't any problem with the updates until this one. The download would reach about 350MiB and then drop back and start again and not make any progress. I decided to start MSFS 2020 from the Microsoft store link instead of my task bar link which I normally use and the update worked. Why you say. Who knows... I'm sure that Microsoft doesn't. 😂 Bill
  2. That is too bad. I had to wait a couple of months for mine also. Bill
  3. Check Sporty's Pilot shop. https://www.sportys.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Honeycomb It looks like they are in stock. I had pre-ordered mine a while back. Love it. 😊 Bill
  4. Under General Options, Accessibility, Cockpit Interaction System - Change from Locked to Legacy. Bill
  5. I sorry to hear this. I tried a couple of other "solution's" that didn't work before I found this one. I wanted to post this fix because I was pretty sure there would be more folks with this problem. I was thinking that if I had to reinstall, my head would explode. 😉 Unfortunately I didn't try to load the sim until late yesterday. Good luck with the reinstall. Bill
  6. I hadn't run the sim for a couple of days and it wouldn't load. I got the MS Store window instead. The Microsoft Game Services needed to be updated and that wouldn't update and showed an error each time I tried to do the update. I have it working now and here is where I found the solution - https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/nnrhbz/how_to_fix_error_code_0x8007139f_when_updating/ If you have this problem this is what worked for me. Bill
  7. 77 here. 😎 And I respectfully refuse to grow up. 😄
  8. I have seen the knob acceleration in the CJ4 but not in the A320. I will probably need to use RSMapper to get some of the other functions to work correctly. Bill
  9. My problem with the altitude select is in the CJ4. A preliminary cheek of the control assignments looked correct but I haven't had the time to check into this further. Hopefully soon. 😊 You are correct that it may very well be an MS problem.
  10. Hi Richard, The functions don't seem to be as straight forward as they should be as to how they do function. At the moment at least. I was just preparing to go through the process of changing key commands and using RSMapper when the update came out and the one major problem, the step adjustment, was fixed. The next problem for me is when I reach a selected altitude the VS button stays lit and trying to select Alt, which should be automatic, doesn't stick. I'll be looking into some of these issue and I will check back with you. Best regards, Bill
  11. I've looked at several and they mostly have to do with the 10/100 or 1000 step problems. That has been fixed in the latest update. Bill
  12. The knob on the left side of the A/P select buttons determine what setting is increased/decreased by the knob on the right. There does still seem to be some issues with the A/P function select buttons. I hope that helps you out from another old guy (77). 😉 Bill
  13. One thing is consistent, every update turns into a bar room brawl. 😂 Bill
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