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  1. Interesting Navigraph survey, thank you for bringing that to my attention. I don't see where I am "not even close", please elaborate where I may have stated something very incorrectly if so inclined. Now from a business standpoint, if sales of this 32 bit product will become disappointing, the 64 bit product or future products most likely will become even more expensive then envisioned, as the loss has to be made up (again?) somewhere. As I see it, put in time (not too far off however) the 35% rebate/ periodic sale on this 32bit product before becoming redundant, the 64 bit product will be purchased regardless anyway some even state settling that matter. Will the C750/ 605 as advertised still come to market for the 32bit platform? Or will it now after all this be put on the low burner and eventually be disregarded completely whilst expediting releases of the 64bit products, cutting losses where possible. I hope not...
  2. I am pleased to see that at least one developer has had the perseverance to still bring a complex business jet product to market for FSX after promoting that for some time. Others don't anymore or just backtrack... For those interested why, please read below, otherwise just skip to the last paragraph. There are at this moment 3 major platforms on the market, FSX (Steam), absolutely nearing a legacy platform, P3d as an improved but still "FSX" platform and X-plane, phenomenal in many aspects but too limited concerning airports and add ons (but there is movement...) . The latter two need a killer system with specs. FS2020 is on the horizon, in my opinion it just looks too good to be true, expecting it to be like FSX on its release; possible as advertised but in reality only operational with (drastically) lowered settings, or again a killer system handling it. We shall see... Therefore, I still use FSX (Steam version). Why? It's at this point just very reasonable on price, graphics, add-ons and system specs. I believe the majority of the users still operate on this system for these reasons. The fact is I am just waiting either for Xplane to bring more scenery/ add ons to the market, or the FS2020. That will then be a belated big jump to a new (very) high end system and all the extra software that comes with it. A very big investment altogether. All that for a truly fresh simulation experience what I, and too many of us are thoroughly up for by now! Eaglesoft has always been good to very good with their products, the C750 over 10 years ago setting the standard (price wise too). When I (and we) finally matured toward study level content, it was outdated graphical, but still to this day top of the line concerning system integration and it set the standard for business jets. I'm spoiled now by Carenado for example, grahics are just really good, systems...well...reasonable, as is the price. All for a 32 bit system. PMDG has been setting the bar now in many aspects for some time now, including prices. I was hoping for a price setting of about MAX 80ish euros, something on the top end but still justifiable for me to invest for an ending platform. P3D can pay more, their platform will still be around for another decade or two. In that respect the price, set for FSX, is just too steep as I, and many of us see it now. Maybe when the final product comes to fruit on FS2020 and it disappoints, I could make the purchase. I'll first need to know how the XLS+ handles on a regular 32 bit FSX system and see if systems and graphics are as good as one may come to expect. I invest time in one to two aircraft, obtaining full AOM knowledge etc. That's how I moved away from an entertaining experience to a learning and training experience. That is where the eaglesoft product can make a difference, in the same league as for example PMDG/ CS etc. We need a (youtube) review then, with examples of light settings (cockpit) possible at dark (immersion level), sounds on take off & go around, landings night and day and with system specs and frame rates visible. Eaglesoft could do this in the coming days or weeks, make it a promotional event. That way much more people still working on the older (FSX) system could have an indication and if the product is really outstanding, make a reasoned and educated decision on purchasing at that price setting for again, a platform that is really nearing a year or two/ three? until all developers pull the plug on it, and understandably too. In short, great that such a product is still developed and put to market for a 32 bit system. Hoping they would still do the same for the C750 and especially the 605, but at this price point for this platform, taking into account what is on the near horizon, not justifiable for me right now. With the rebate/ sale they sometimes offer off it could be tenable. Until then I'll wait. If FS2020 comes around the corner or I navigate to Xplane, passing the 32 bit version by altogether then, what would be a shame for the time and effort I undoubtedly believe has been put into this version after all these years. On closing, I don't think it realistic to ask 32 bit users to pay the same price as the 64 bit users. In my opinion a flawed marketing decision what will come to bite in the sales.
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