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  1. tonicfan

    Does Pilot2Atc Work As Voice Only ?

    The issue with the complex ATC voice commands could be that windows voice recognition does not do very well with long complex sentences. The shorter the better for the voice recog. One thing that could fix the issue is if the ATC does not understand they could say something or allow a manual TEXT entry to reply to ATC so that you can get the flight moving along. It took me quite some time just go get to take off even though Ive used ATC before on Vatsim and on Vox2ATC, PilotEdge etc. While there are set ATC statements sometimes ATC can be a bit open with how you speak especially at smaller airports. So perhaps a text option would improve the misunderstanding of the program via windows speech recognition which in itself is nice, but not a very good program in my opinion for recognizing speech Cheers on the great program.
  2. Where can I get this "Hot FIx" I am looking on my downloads page and I do not see it!?
  3. Just dont patch to 2.2 it seems. I patched to it tonight. And bang no more flight plans. How nice. I hope they fix it soon... perhaps they should hire someone to test their patches before they release them?
  4. tonicfan

    objects flicker and shimmer

    I am actually trying to tweak P3D now. I get like 12FPS for some odd reason. FSX, no problems at all. So i will have to check out Word Not Allowed's recommendations I guess.
  5. tonicfan

    objects flicker and shimmer

    I have the same problem, so if anyone has a solution, I would love to hear it