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  1. Macoy_AbZ

    Lovely Freeware Zlin Z-142

    One of the best flight models for GA aircraft IMHO. It can sideslip like the RealAir aicrafts and has a great feel to it. It doesn't float too much in landings like 90% of the FSX aircrafts, you have to keep some power until the last moment, if you cut it too early the aircraft will drop (just like real aircrafts).
  2. Macoy_AbZ

    English Electric Canberra PR.9

    I like the JF Canberra, but there's something strange with the flight model: The rudder autority and directional stability. The plane fly sideways if you kick the rudder. It doesn't just "yaw", it really flies sideways. It's really strange. I don't know if it's reallistic, but it's really annoying. And you cannot simply check the "autorudder" option to avoid it because it doesn't work well with the Canberra. Don't get me wrong, the JF Canberra is awesome, but this strange directional stability behavior is really annoying because, on a landing approach, if you misuse the rudder, the plane would land pointing the nose to one side and going the other way around.
  3. Macoy_AbZ

    FaceTrackNoIR worth it?

    You can also try the Free Track. The only downside is that you have to build a "pointer device" with IR leds. But IMHO it works better. It's more precise and faster than FaceTrackNoIR. The Track IR 5 is really expensive in my country too (US$ 350,00 without the Track Clip). Fortunately a friend of mine brought me one from US for US$ 140,00.
  4. Macoy_AbZ

    350i (WIP) Shots

    I hope the Flight Dynamics is as good as the 737-200. It feels so good and right that I feel obliged to fly the approach manually. One of the most convincing FDEs in my opinion. Best Regards.
  5. It seems to be working. At least on the SP77 autopilot. Intercepting Radial. Radial Intercepted: Autopilot: Oh oh! I forgot to retract the flaps... :-P Great bird. I'm loving this 737. It's really a stable plataform. You can fly it manually without any problem. Att, Marcio
  6. As far as I know, it doesnt catch outbound radials only on the FMC. I'll do a test here to see if it works.
  7. Macoy_AbZ


    Wow, I have to say that the MilViz 737 has an impressive flight model! I've Bought the aircraft today, took off from SBSP (Congonhas), keeping 160~180 knots, basic VFR circuit, 1500' AGL. And, after 5 min, bang! Touchdown, the plane landed right on the centerline. It's really good and easy: Trim for speed, throttle for rate of descend (or climb). The plane is really stable. I hate FSX aircrafts that tend to float and refuse to keep speeds by trimming and accelerate like hell when throttling for fine adjustments on the rate of descent (or climb). But this 737 is really the opposite. It behaves like a real plane do (the biggest plane I've flown was a Piper Cherokee in the flight school, but I think that, at low speeds, all stable aircrafts react the same way when they're in a slow flight). It's the first thing I do when I buy a new aircraft: Slow flight, trim and throttle. And few behaves in a credible way. The downsides, IMHO: - The 3D model is not as good as the CS 737 (but the FDE is waaaayyy better) - I didn't like the windshield when viewed from inside. It looks like the VW Kombi windshield. Now it's time to study the manuals and systems. Best regards from Brazil. And sorry about my English. Marcio Maia
  8. Macoy_AbZ

    Real Air Duke v2.0 Released

    Actually, you must enable the "Ignore crash and damage" checkbox. Otherwise the plane will sink on landing. That is related to the belly landing situation described on the manual. It's a well modeled GA aircraft, on par with the a2a c172.