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  1. I had a similar issue with my X52, not sure if this helps, but no harm in trying I suppose. I did this: Plug in your x-52 and find it in Device Manager. Right click / Update Driver / Browse my computer / Let me pick / Pick the driver for USB input device. Im guessing that you will get a similar thing but detailing your Yoke rather than X 52. Also, have you disabled the USB power for your devices? That in itself saved me a lot of issues. Good luck.
  2. I too have the pedals, but have never connected them to my yoke. In this instance, the yoke only acts as a hub, and a bus powered one at that, unless, of course you buy the power supply for it. It would be better if you could connect them directly to the motherboard USB port, but failing that, I use a powered hub. It is preferable to use only USB 2 for these controls. I found that I had issues with FSUIPC too, but connected them before everything else and this seemed to work for some odd reason. Sorry I couldnt be of more help.
  3. HAving the same issue with mine, got it replaced last week by saitek, and the new one does the same. Bought FSUIPC to see if that makes any difference, failing that, I'm buying a wheel and getting GTA !
  4. I have the same kit. I have the throttle plugged into the yoke, everything else is plugged into 2 powered hubs (so as to split the power draw) These are mains powered via an adapter. You have to also make sure that you only use USB 2, usb 3 can cause issues (or so Saitek say). I made sure that my hubs have overvolt protection, just in case. They dont cost that much, just be careful to make sure that they are what you need, the cheapest option is not always the best particularly since a poor design can ruin your stuff, though if you get it from a decent supplier, you shouldnt have that issue. Some people just calibrate the yoke etc through FSX/etc, others use FSUIPC, though this costs money and really isnt required unless you have a particularly complicated setup. Also, with regards the radio/multipanel etc, the Saitek drivers should be fine. There is a thing called SPAD which are replacement drivers and offer a few more setup options together with refinement of the whole operation of these units, though I am happy with mine as they are. Regarding setting up, look on youtube, theres a guy called froogle who has done tutorials on just about everything FSX related, there are lots of others too., and there is always the forum here. I use a desk to mount all this on, though I have seen some folk build their own stand to mount their kit on, and even saw one fella mount it all on a musicians keyboard stand, its just whatever you have to hand that suits. Good luck.
  5. I had similar issues with mine. I uninstalled and reinstalled for ages. Then whilst trawling the web, I found this. It has seemed to work for me. As far as I understand it, the problem is that when you uninstall Saitek drivers, it leaves behind a few things, adn this clears them out so that a reinstall puts its own stuff in. You could probably find this via google yourself, but thought it might help. click Start, and Run. Type in "regedit". - click on the plus sign next to " HKEY_LOCAL_machine" - click on the plus sign next to "System" - click on the plus sign next to "Current ControlSet" - click on the plus sign next to "Control" - click on the plus sign next to "MediaProperties" - click on the plus sign next to "Privateproperties" - click on the plus sign next to "DirectInput" - Look for keys starting with VID_06A3 and delete them. - Close the registry editor by clicking on Registry at the top then click exit. - Reboot your machine.
  6. I had a similar issue last night, with the same results as yourself. I have noticed that sometimes things seem to lose their calibration, typically with the yoke being in a constant 15 degree turn. I lost all my Saitek panels late last year, none of them would power up, and my X52 also became unresponsive with very dim lights. I have replaced them all (I never got the others to work even on different computers) and also replaced the powered hub they connect to. Since then, only minor niggles, but annoying nonetheless.
  7. I had similar issues with moth my pedals/yoke and also X52. I followed this: and made sure that I disconnected my network cable and installed the "old drivers". It worked for me, but of course, no guarantees that it will work for you, but theres nothing to lose.!
  8. memorgan

    Anybody use FSFlyingSchool Pro 2014?

    Just snooping through the forum and found this about FS Flying school..could be just what I need. Thanks
  10. Im a newbie to this forum, but already feel that this is a good place to visit regularly. I have picked up a lot just browsing so far, and now to my weird problem. I recently bought a new pc. Z87 mobo, i7 4770 @4.4ghz, 16gb ram, 500gbssd, 250gb ssd and a couple of 1tb spinners. Gtx770 2gb. Win 7 64bit. When I first had this, everything worked fine. Im using 5 22" monitors, 3 on th2go. Then I started getting bsod. I checked these with event viewer and was reliably informed there was a hardware error (0124). I noticed at the time that the gpu fans would ramp up just befoer the crash. I eventually got the system builder to take a look. They said there had been a sata cable interfering with one of the 3 fans on the gpu. When I got the machine back, my saitek multipanel, radio, switch panel and x52 wouldnt work. These were connected via a powered usb hub. I tried each item individually an various usb ports, and also on my laptop. None of them were detected by windows, and there was no indication from them that they were connected. Can anyone suggest what might have happened please? I am now selling my kids, the cat and dogs on ebay to replace all this stuff, but im not keen on plugging anything in until I have an idea what went wrong. Thanks for the help.