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  1. johnwfrancis


    It does not work, and there is no version for FSX. Sorry.
  2. johnwfrancis

    Video - upcoming Aerowinx 747-400 sim ( PSX )

    Thanks very much for the detailed info!!
  3. johnwfrancis

    Video - upcoming Aerowinx 747-400 sim ( PSX )

    How is the performance when using fsx for scenery?
  4. johnwfrancis

    Blunt Warning: Sign Your Posts- Or...

    I hate to belabor the point, but, rather than having a hard-coded signature, is it okay if you just sign all your posts with your full name?
  5. johnwfrancis

    Garmin 430/530 updates?

    HI Ed, Can your 430/530 be integrated into RealAir/A2A products like the RealityXP units? Thanks! John
  6. johnwfrancis

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    Hi Tom, Yes, if I've been running in an area where Fiber has set the framerate to unlimited and I then exit the flight and exit FSX, Fiber is shut down, and the FSX framerate is left at unlimited. Don't know that there's a way around that (you might try KILL), but I'm more interested in having utilities start with FSX than the shutdown order, so it's not a dealbreaker for me. Regards, John Francis
  7. johnwfrancis

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    Hi Pete, No it works exactly as you explain. Unfortunately, a side effect of RunIf=READY, if you're runnning full screen, is that FSX bops back out to the desktop to fire up Fiber, which is sort of annoying. Dropping the READY and it just starts up with FSX which works perfectly for me. Thanks! John Francis
  8. johnwfrancis

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    [i completely misunderstood the nature of the READY option, as explained by Pete]. This will start and terminate Fiber upon launch and exit of FSX: RunIf1=CLOSE,"C:\Program Files (x86)\FSPS\FSX Fiber Accelerator\FSX Fiber Accelerator.exe" Hope this helps someone. Regards, John Francis [NinjaEdit] Removed bogus equals sign. Thanks, Pete! That was my source of confusion! Regards, John Francis
  9. johnwfrancis

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    Hi Ray, Thanks a lot for this, but I can't get RunIf to do anything. I've verified the path, and checked the docs, but the only way I can seem to get Fiber to start is if I use Run1 (with no options of course). Any idea what might be wrong? Thanks! John Francis