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  1. educool767

    C152 Repaint Isuue

    I really doubt they would do anything about it since it's actually a minor problem that I'm sure probably no one else has noticed and because it's an old plane just like Ron said. I'll follow Joe's advice and try to change the design so that it doesn't look so dealigned while staying as close as possible to the original design. Thanks! I hope you guys have a nice day/afternoon/night, whichever fits your time zone :lol:
  2. educool767

    C152 Repaint Isuue

    Thanks anyway Ron! I appreciate your help. I wish that what you said worked but sadly it doesn't :( . Yea first time I've seen this happening too, but thanks for the help man!
  3. educool767

    C152 Repaint Isuue

    I had the feeling this had to do with the mapping, but had to try asking for help. Thanks Joe! I guess I'll just have to modify the design a bit. I have also tried painting that bit your refer to, but it doesn't make any difference, that part is still is mirrored:
  4. educool767

    C152 Repaint Isuue

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a repaint of the C152 for my flight school and I've got a problem and I hope you guys can help me. I'm using the blank textures Carenado provides, here's the issue: In this picture you can see that both orange and yellow stripes on the horizontal stabilizer are aligned: But once in FSX this happens: The right side shows up unaligned. In case I haven't explained well enough, I'm talking about the alignment between the elevator and the rest of the horizontal estabilizer. Now I believe this part of the plane is mirrored, so why one side is aligned and the other one isn't? Hopefully someone knows how to fix this. Thanks!