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  1. 3rd party devs are already partnering with microsoft so they can release their products as soon as the sim goes public. I believe pmdg is in the process of porting their 737 for example
  2. They do, its been confirmed in one of the episodes of their series.
  3. I wonder if this is gonna be based on weather (ammount of snowfall during the day or week) or just fixed seasons like in other flight sims. Anyways, it looks amazing.
  4. I would love to see the Beechcraft Super King Air and some old school comercial airliners like the b737 300 / 200, the b727 and the 707.
  5. I think a b727 would be better for that task with the use of the back stairs. Btw i was refering to family simulator 2020
  6. Once the sim is out, i am sure that would be a good incentive for bing to add way more cities.
  7. If they deliver everything that is being promised, it would probably get a lot of attention.
  8. Maybe fs2020 should only partner one network. POSCON is looking really good, a step in the right direction.
  9. Exactly, in my opinion it should be only 3 networks. PilotEdge (paid / hardcore category), IVAO and vatsim into one network (Free / hardcore caregory) and the default multiplayer experience build in the sim (no rules / free roam category). There is no need to split the community even more. Btw, a good replacement for IVAO and Vatsim could be POSCON which looks promising.
  10. Looks really interesting but that still doesent answer my question. Have fs2020 said something about this topic?. I think it would be cool to have only one sencodary network with good regulations and quality like POSCON where all users are concentrated instead of multiple so we get more traffic.
  11. Have the devs mentioned anything about this multiplayer networks. I wonder how it is gonna be, are they gonna keep it third party or provide a more optimized network that can be modded but only for fs2020 users?
  12. I wonder if they are gonna simulate wake turbulence. With the current tec i really dont doubt they can.
  13. Hope they have good compatibility for every kind of controller out there. I think u are judging too early, wait for more information regarding their flight model. The fact u see an average consumer joke in that video doesent mean anything. Internal developing is different than just testing.
  14. Thats really true, i have not doubt they are gonna provide a good API with the team and investment they have. When it comes to VR, the experience varies a lot depending on the person i guess, in my case i got a lot motion sickness when there was input delay so the lower the fps the worst it got.
  15. The higher the FPS the less motion sick u get in VR, hopefully this sim is gonna have good performance.
  16. Elevation data ✔️ Tree placing ✔️ Ground colors ✔️ Building colors ✔️ Building shape ✔️ position of bodies of water (costlines, rivers and lakes) ✔️ Roads ✔️ Building height ❌ https://imgur.com/a/A2jsKUS https://imgur.com/a/A2jsKUS https://imgur.com/FcIznVR https://imgur.com/guLkGHm https://imgur.com/L4VbTy4 https://imgur.com/DgVyOhu
  17. Tbh i preffer human ATC over AI cause its way more immersive and thats what i am looking for when playing a flight sim. For offline mode they should have a very good build in ATC but for multiplayer they should include a "do whatever u want mode" (free roam) and a platform like vatsim or ivao integrated in only one network. Getting in this network should requiere a more complicted process to avoid trolls and people who dont know the basics.
  18. Thanks MortenM, now its working, i had to reconfigure my controller
  19. Ive been having some problems with the IXEG 737 autopilot. When i am in the air i first engage the LNAV and the VNAV (so far so good) but when i press the autopilot, both of them (VNAV and LNAV) disengage. This is really weird because the fmc is fully configured with the route, the perf page and all the needed information that i know i have to fill. It is important to mention that this error have only been occurring since the last patch. Here are some pics so it can be easy to understant 1) LNAV and VNAV engaged: 2) When i turn on the autopilot: Any help will be highly appreciated Thanks Ricardo Muelle
  20. Hello, i am really interested in this stuff about flight dynamics and the effects of having an external one. You said that an external flight dynamics engine makes the aircraft incompatible with the weather engine of the sim, so how does the majestic dash q400 can perfectly handle the weather used in p3d? it also have a functinal weather radar. This thread is two years old, maybe you can give us some updated info about how pdmg is working with the flight modeling nowadays, do you have any plans to introduce a new tecnology?? Thanks Ricardo Muelle
  21. Thanks to everyone who have taken the time to read and answer to this topic. From the comments ive seen, i think that is clear that the fms and avonics are really well simulated in a lot of fsx/p3d addons so maybe we can just move on to discuss a bit more about the flight dynamics. Are the flight dynamics of high end addons like the pdmg 737 or the aerosoft a320 comparable to the real thing? I know tha some of you have already posted a response to that question but it would be awesome if we can have more opinions and discusions Thanks Ricardo Muelle
  22. Thank you very much moises and everyone who have posted in this topic, thats the kind of answer i was looking for!!! I just want to ask you one more question is it common for other pilots to use addons like the pdmg as a training tool? I really apreciate your help Thanks Ricardo Muelle
  23. It would be awesome if we can have an opinion from a real 737 pilot who uses the pdmg 737 (: Ricardo Muelle
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