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  1. Maybe I'm misunderstanding this, but I have the impression that beta testing this time will be shorter than it was for the -400. Is that correct?
  2. No Land 3

    Thanks. I followed the tutorial before, but I now realized I started skipping steps. I realized I allowed the IRS to align while the APU was powering up, so I'd only align one FMC, and then I'd press AVAIL to turn on the APU. On the 737, I often align the IRS while the APU is powering up, and it's fine. But on the 747 it's different. I should've taken the tutorial one step at a time. Appreciate it.
  3. No Land 3

    For the first time when buying a product, I actually read and followed the manual. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. However, whenever I takeoff, once VNAV kicks in, I immediately get a "no land 3" message. I followed all the instructions (unless I missed something) in the manual and yet I still have this error. I've flown United, China Airlines, and El Al thus far. I flew China Airlines twice and actually, I didn't get the message once. But all other times I got it. The QRH explains what it is, but I haven't yet found any solutions yet. I do import my own flight plan from vroute. It doesn't actually affect the flight though, as I can just clear the message, but it does get a bit irritating constantly getting that message. Does anyone have any solutions?