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  1. You are right, performance tables for the A320, the confusion comes from the runway these performance tables apply, runway chart, performance chart, but yes, are peformance table for every chart. Sadly the topic headline cannot be edited. Just to point out the published chart was taken from an Airbus document and of course it doesn't represent the source to obtain more performance tables for other runways and airports. So the question continue: Where may I obtain those tables for different runways and airports?
  2. Hi, I'd like to get the RTOW Take Off Charts for the Airbus A320 These charts change for every single airport and every single runway, and also the conditions of the runway, DRY / WET. They are necessary to manually calculate the V speeds when taking off. The FMC calculate these speeds, but the pilots must also a complementary method to verify the FMC is okay, for that reason these charts are necessary. In other words, you cannot trust just in what the FMC says. As an example, Paris Orly Airport LFPO, Runway 08, DRY will have a different chart than Barelona El Prat Airport LEBL, Runway 07R, DRY conditions. These charts are released to calculate the performances. Here you have an example of this chart: In this video you can see how calculate the V speeds using these charts. I'd like to know where may I get these charts? Cheers
  3. mrmister

    Where may I find the PC12 PDF files?

    Bert you saved my life !!!! Thanks I forgot to mention that I have Prepar3D 2.5 but the path is similar... all Carenado planes install the documentation here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Carenado\ In the PC12 case is... C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Carenado\PC12 Thanks again Cheers !!!
  4. Hello, I've installed the PC12 but I cannot fly it well because I don't know where the PDF files are? Where is the documentation? I need the: - PC12 Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) PDF. - PC12 Emergency Checklist PDF. - PC12 Normal Checklist PDF. - PC12 Performance Tables - PC12 Reference PDF - Carenado GNS530 PDF. - Multifunction display PDF - Recommended Settings PDF Where are these documents? Cheers
  5. I have exactly the same problem, and I cannot make my FSGRW 1.7 connect with Prepar3D 2.4 I tried to post in the forum but when you register there, you cannot start a post, you have to wait for the administrator to allow you to post there... so I am right now without any help... here is what my Error log says: <Message OccurenceDate="09.11.2014 23:06:45" Thread="UI" Type="Information" Category="EspEngine" Description="ENG_INF_000: 1.7 Build #026, p3dv24, 2014-11-09 21:46" /> <Message OccurenceDate="09.11.2014 23:06:45" Thread="Engine" Type="Error" Category="EspEngine" Description="ENG_ERR_001" Exception0="NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto." CallStack0=" en FsGlobal.RealWeather.Library.Client.Engines.EspWeatherEngine.PerformOperation()" /> Of course I have the latest FSUIPC4 4.937 version fully registered, with Prepar3D 2.4, but FSGRW 1.7 is unable to connect with the simulator, really I don't know why.
  6. Hi, I have some doubts about the aircraft, I have installed it recently, but I would need help with several topics. The documentation that is attaching this aircraft is very summarized, so I am having problems with the E50P Carenado Prodigy G1000 I guess this is a modified Garmin 1000 ? because that screen look like a Garmin 1000... Well I have some problems with this, I have a PDF file, talking about this, but only 33 pages I think and with a very fast description. However I would need a better document describing how to use this. I cannot see how to enter manually waypoints? may I configure a VOR/DME arc to fly it? may I program altitudes by tracks? I would need a more detailed file... may I get any additional documentation? Also I don't find information about speeds I don't find any summary of recommended speeds? what speed is V1? which are the recommended landing speeds? I know these speeds change due the performances, however I would like to have simple summary indicating these speeds with the empty aircraft... where may I get this information? Cheers
  7. Hi I am sharing with you this videotutorial in which we are describing how to fly with NDB. We will learn how to fly with NDB in jets, understanding how to tune in and fly directly to a NDB, what is a NDB compared with a VOR, what are routes against radials from VORs, what is a QDR and a QDM and how to intercept a certain QDM or QDR in flight, and how to fly with NDB in heavy turbulence conditions. We will fly with daylight and night. In Spanish: En este videotutorial aprenderemos como volar con NDB en reactores, entendiendo como sintonizar y volar directamente a un NDB, que es un NDB comparado con un VOR, que son las rutas de los NDB frente a los radiales de un VOR, que es un QDM y que es un QDR, como interceptar determinados QDR y QDM en vuelo, y como volar con NDB en condiciones de turbulencia severa. Volaremos durante el día, por la noche y al atardecer. ENGLISH AUDIO SPANISH AUDIO (AUDIO EN ESPAÑOL) Cheers
  8. Hello In this videotutorial we are showing how to proceed with a VOR flight, understanding how to deal with the HSI - Horizontal Situation Indicator, and also how to understand the CDI - Course Deviation Indicator. The videotutorial explain how to understand VOR navigation, as regard to radials and how to use radials to orientate our aircrafct to or from the VOR. It explain also what are TO or FROM navigation modes, and how to use our aircraft to orientate to certain radials flying to or from a VOR and also using other VOR to get our aircraft oriented to those VOR. The videotutorial explain also what is a DME - Distance Measure Equipment and is full of practical examples, explained in full detail. We have developed it in High Definition, so you can enjoy it also in your Smart TV, Tablet, PC and mobile phones. Cheers ENGLISH AUDIO SPANISH AUDIO
  9. Hello I am sharing with you, this videtutorial, explaining how to fly the Eclipse 550. The flight is a full flight from Barcelona to Marseille, with ILS landing, using real charts and proceeding with the TAXI, FMC programming and everything, also using the ATC. The video is extensively explained with SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH, also try to reproduce the original call outs when taking off and landing. The videotutorial is also in High Definition, so you can enjoy it in your computer screen or even your SmartTV. I hope you like the video, and share it if you like it. Cheers