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  1. You are right, performance tables for the A320, the confusion comes from the runway these performance tables apply, runway chart, performance chart, but yes, are peformance table for every chart. Sadly the topic headline cannot be edited. Just to point out the published chart was taken from an Airbus document and of course it doesn't represent the source to obtain more performance tables for other runways and airports. So the question continue: Where may I obtain those tables for different runways and airports?
  2. Hi, I'd like to get the RTOW Take Off Charts for the Airbus A320 These charts change for every single airport and every single runway, and also the conditions of the runway, DRY / WET. They are necessary to manually calculate the V speeds when taking off. The FMC calculate these speeds, but the pilots must also a complementary method to verify the FMC is okay, for that reason these charts are necessary. In other words, you cannot trust just in what the FMC says. As an example, Paris Orly Airport LFPO, Runway 08, DRY will have a different chart than Barelona El Prat Airport LEBL, Runway 07R, DRY conditions. These charts are released to calculate the performances. Here you have an example of this chart: In this video you can see how calculate the V speeds using these charts. I'd like to know where may I get these charts? Cheers