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  1. Hey guys. So I just have FSX SE installed but my FS Global 2010 installation fails due to scenery config location. I already edited the .XML files in the Orbx folder to point to SE. What else do I need to do?
  2. Hello, I am learning about flight plans slowly. I have been flying the PMDG aircraft with flight plans I get from routefinder. Would you guys recommend PFPX for a novice flight simmer like myself? I am just looking for an easier way to create flight plans and get them in to the sim.
  3. I don't recommend it in my experience unless you have a beefy graphics card set up and fast processor. If you don't run FSX at 4k the textures will look jagged at 1080P because you are not running at the monitor's native resolution. That being said if you can get it to run well at 4K the game is absolutely beautiful. The airplanes like the PMDG are just sharp with no lines almost like you are there if your FSX is configured well.
  4. ucfknight29

    4K Monitor Issues?

    Yeah it appears that the native resolution was causing the issue when trying to run FSX at 1080. Running it at 4K was crazy. There is no jagged lines on the airplanes and they looked so beautiful. Great colors also. With the GTX 980 I was able to lock 30 frames when looking at the outside of the plane from the top but when you pan up to see the horizon or look out of the cockpit the FPS dropped to a low of 7. A lot of this seemed to be related to cloud draw and I am sure terrain. I am using Orbx FTX Global+Vector+FS Global 2010.
  5. Hey guys. I purchased a 4K monitor, not just for FSX, but for multimedia. Native resolution is obviously much higher than 1080P. I am having issues with FSX now running in 1080. It seems like it is jagged and a bit blurry. It seemed to work fine on my 21" Alienware monitor. This monitor is a 28" from Dell. Do you guys have any suggestions? Running FSX at 4K res is possible but with only one GTX980 it is not practical for FPS.