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  1. Thanks I will file a ticket to Jardesign. Thanks again! Regards Sven
  2. No activation window appear at all. Checked the tutorial once again to see if I forgott something but have done all as mentions. Very strange! Is there not any installer for the plugins? Regards Sven
  3. For information I have a full version registred of X-Plane Regards Sven
  4. I do the installation of the plug in when the X-Plane is shut of. No demo is used. Regards Sven
  5. Hi, I´m new with X-Plane 11 from today!! I have a problem! Installed "Ground service deluxe by Jardesign". Did all the installation as mention in the document but I cant see the ground handling in the X-Plane Plugin menu. It´s the same with other plugins to.except xsquakbox which I can see in the menu. What have I failed by??? I use Win 10. Please let me know a good solution for this. Best regards Sven
  6. SEFEH

    P3D image make a jump

    Hi. Many thanks for so many replys! Good to hear it´s not only me have this problem. I don´t have any camera and. The problem pop up when I switch over to Win 10 and installed the new GPU. A friend told me about Win 10 can cause such a problem but could be solved by using something about memory he could´t explain. I guess we have to live with this for a while. Anyway thanks all for Your interesting. Regards Folke
  7. Hello, I have a P3D platform 3.4 running under 64bit WIN10. My computer has the following spec P3D, FTX ORBX Global Win10, Intel Core I7 4790K 4.0 GHz Mem 16Gb GPU MSI GForce 980TI Gaming SSD1 Tb Firewall Win10 disabled Windows defend deactivated Avast all directories excluded where the software and data are P3D P3D slides are set quite far to the right, but without being particularly high. The system runs well with 22-25 in FRPS for example Heatrow. The problem is that the recurring with no or few minutes makes the image on the monitor a jump where you almost have a still image for a few tenths to sometimes maybe a second. It does not matter how I set slides. This phenomenon always come back. It can stop some days but come back. What am I doing wrong or forgot to check. If anyone has knowledge of this, I would be happy to take part of what can cause "jumps" Sincerely Folke Ekeroth
  8. SEFEH

    weird night textures filtering

    I have had the same problem after installed a addon airport but actually not know which it was. I got an idea after reading about fsx texture structure and found a small add on called " Steves FSXDX10 Fixer " which helped me and now Im out of the hole and not see this filtering problem comming up more. All is about the old FSX FS9 and new addons. I don´t know if it help You but try on own risk. You can buy it on SIM FLIGHT. Good Luck Regards Folke
  9. Hi, I reinstalled my PMDG B737 a few days ago after a repair are on my computer. The installation of the PMDG 737 went very well and I have already test been flying on VATSIM and everything works except for one feature. When I will start the pushback and go to the FMC and the "Action" nothing happens when I press "START". No sound/communication from the ground crew or the aircraft starts moving backwards. Is there any setting in the FMC has not been done/installed or what is it that is not prepared. In my previous installation so everything worked out splendidly. I have tried so many things now so I have no more ideas to hands. Please anybody know! Regards Folke Ekeroth SEFEH
  10. SEFEH

    weird night textures filtering

    I have the exact exact same problem and it looks not good. I have testing many thing whithout any solution. For me it comes up after installing a add ons but I don´t know which. Now I plan to reinstall all the FSX to clean it. For me it´s only comes up in 3D panel.
  11. SEFEH

    My Pmdg/FSX Stutter

    I have a problem with my PMDG B737-600 in FSX. When I fly to pop the tape speed 20 - 30 kt up and down. Sometimes it overspeed when the speed jumps up. The problem is big as this happens at the ILS approach and go suddenly changing maybe 30 kt up and the engines start working up to speed. It usually appears as the whole machine stutter. The problem started a few months ago probably together with any installation of addons and graphics in FSX become strange. It looks like the runway look greasy in 3D panel when the landing light is on. All this might be an FSX problem but I do not know and am grateful if anyone has comments I think my computer is ok for this purpose and has Processor Core i5 4440 3.1 GHz Graphics card GTX 650 TI 1GB memory 8Mb FPS 30 Set Weather Program FSrealWX FSUIPC is Installed Have exclude the virus program to scan files in FSX.
  12. SEFEH

    The PMDG B737-600 - 800 drift to right

    Thanks for the comment. I use a Logitech 3D Pro and I have no pedals. I will check the throttle and N1 but have not seen any difference. Is sure there is no differences between right and left N1. I think that you comments and I be in still air and the aircraft glide then there is something wrong. Have also tried with side trim settings but it does not help anyway. Using Logitech calibrering on recommendations of PMDG manual. There's also just a throttle common for the left and right engine on the Logitech 3D Pro.
  13. Hi there, I am quite new with B737-600 -800 PMDG and its a great software simulator. I have a problem and tested with different settings and technique on landing. When I disengage the A / T and CMD after that had all values ​​perfectly along the G / S to land manually about 500 ft before ground N1 approximately 40%. The plane slips slightly off to the right always. The aircraft makes this even when testing 0grader/0kt wind. You can save and get to a good landing but it does not feel right. Trying to keep the rudder for crosswind but it does not feel good then it slips away at 0 wind. Is this a local failure or something like PMDG and other simulators are tainted with?