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  1. IRS not real. It is fake. U r unable to enter coordinate manually by hands. Only automatic using origin\destination on the FMS. it is pitty
  2. I have solved this problem in LOWI If u make RNP Z for RW26 just add altitude 3300 feet for WI103 in FMC.
  3. Can we expect free update from version 3.1 to ver for p3d 64bit?
  4. Is there is any chance that in future FS2CREW NGX will not request so VAS? At the moment it eats more then 300 mb. Are you going to optimize it? Because it too hard to avoid OOM while you are using many addons such as ORBX PMDG FS2CREW and havy sceneryes.
  5. Well, Andre, does it mean that u can help to adjust ours system? Or it is commercial assistance would be?
  6. And...?? Would you be so kind, show us your secret)
  7. Egll UK2000 to EHAM FT 200 mb only when arrived at EHAM
  8. FO doesn't retract flaps after landing, SOP1 Voice
  9. Still have a problem with 1.1 , P3Dv3 and vpilot. I cant to load a flight, every time P3D had hanging, i suppose there is a conflict between programs. I had try to load P3D with NGX Reboot 1.1 fist ( ATC ONLINE - YES) and then start vpilot- hanging! vice versa - the same. Then I try to without NGX Reboot - Ok.
  10. Hi! Iv got problem with Reboot 1.1, Prepar v3 crash when FO start before taxi cheklist. in case SOP1 i couldnt reply IDLE DETENT when FO announce ENGINE START LEVERS- at this point P3D v3 has crash and terminated. SOP 2 the same problem. SOP3 - ok Also when use SOP1, SOP2 ive crash when FO comply RW Entry proc.
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