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  1. Thanks for your input Bobsk8. From my point of view, the optimum (most natural) situation is sitting in the cockpit and looking at, or out at, what you want to see. Three VC views get me close to that. But as it turns out, because of the system demands, I’m limited as to where I can fly without the distraction of insufficient processing and/or display power. Because of my preference, I guess I’ll always be behind the single display folks. I know I need to make a system change, and it would be helpful to know others who have been successful with a similar challenge. Thanks again. Dave
  2. I’m aware of track IR but haven’t used it. I think there’s something about turning your head one way and looking the other that’s prevented me from trying it. But, it’s a point well taken…thanks. Dave
  3. Yes that's certainly something to consider, but I seem to be stuck being able to look out the side of the aircraft. Old habits I guess. Dave PS: I'd love to hear from other like minded folk. Actually, what mind I have left is still capable of change. :smile:
  4. Thanks Richard, I think my flying preference may not be as common as I hoped. I haven’t made an exhaustive search but when I look at multi monitor topics, I don’t recall many pilots using three separate VC views. In complex scenery areas, my system can’t deliver that smoothness we all desire. In looking forward to an upgraded system, folks who have success with what they’re doing catch my attention. Congratulations! I’m aware that there are many technical issues that determine the success of a specific upgrade, and some of them I understand. So thanks for your input, and suggestions on how best to accomplish my three monitor preference are welcome. Dave
  5. Richard, It's nice hearing of your success with your new system. I'm currently running a i7-4770, GTX 770 system with three 1920x1080 monitors. My flying preference is to have 3 separate VC views which is somewhat taxing on the system. How do you feel your new build would preform with my monitor/view setup? Regards, Dave
  6. dmzagar

    No taxi/runway lights on P3Dv2

    Alan, I understand that the new nvidia 347.09 driver can cause a similar problem. Dave
  7. dmzagar

    P3D Web Not Working?

    Thanks for that Rob, now I have a clue. Much appreciated, Dave
  8. dmzagar

    P3D Web Not Working?

    Thanks Rob, but the full story is that I tried both Firefox and Explorer on two seperate computers and Safari on a third. Early this morning I could only connect to, later I could connect to both and, and now only So I guess that must mean everything is OK, even if I don't have a clue. Dave
  9. dmzagar

    P3D Web Not Working?

    Well, I tried using .net instead of .com and found the server. :rolleyes: I don't know why the change. -dave
  10. dmzagar

    P3D Web Not Working?

    Boy, this is strange but I just checked and no joy for me. I've been trying to connect, off and on, since yesterday AM. Hope for better success tomorrow. -dave
  11. dmzagar

    P3D Web Not Working?

    Not for me! LM server still off-line. Does anyone have an update?