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  1. Hydraulic Bypass Control Lever? Robert Toten
  2. This is supposed to be fixed in the update released today. Did it work for you?
  3. Yeah that's the same experience I have in FSX Barth.
  4. Now that's really weird, I can't set higher fuel quantities anymore! Even without touching the settings in the (PMDG) payload manager, as soon as I set 5512 Gallons, the needles rise to the new quantity, then immediately get overriden and set to the last position of the (PMDG) payload manager, even if it's not open. Using SHIFT+Z I can see the fuel quantity get changed back too.... That's a huge bummer.
  5. I didn't change the fuel quantities for the DC-6A because I wanted to keep that one in a more "modern" configuration (recreate Everts Air Fuel operations). You could try copying the information but I don't know how well that works. (Reading the official forum it looks like that worked for you.. remember it's 5404 not 5504 gallons) I'll test my fuel gauges in the B again.
  6. 5512 Gallons is actually 8 tanks, not 10. Surprising the largest fuel capacity doesn't have the larger number of tanks (they made the tanks bigger instead?). The C-118A was only produced according the FAA with the 8-Tank 5404 Gallon System. Both the DC-6A and DC-6B can be equipped with the 5512 Gallon system according to the FAA. What flight simulator are you running? I could not get the gauges to show above 3322 levels in FSX. The PMDG load manager isn't designed for the higher capacity, and as you've noticed will revert to it's own settings when you change fuel in it. Use the default payload screen to set the higher fuel values, and don't touch fuel quantities in the payload manager In my sim the gauges were frozen until the fuel dropped to quantities appropriate for the 3322 system. Other than those two limitations everything worked fine.
  7. Mike that sounds like normal behavior for VOR tracking. Robert Toten
  8. Phil, what IAS are you capturing the glideslope at? Robert Toten
  9. likely securing an engine after a shutdown, fire, or severe damage... I also shut the cowl flaps when I secure the airplane after landing.. keeps mother nature outside of the nacelles 👍 Robert Toten
  10. It'll get you down to 200', wouldn't surprise me to learn it's CAT 1. The other problem you might have Neil is that the autopilot has a maximum control authority of 18 degrees pitch below the horizon. If the combination weight/weather/speed/configuration requires more than 18 degrees nose down to follow a 3 degree slope then the airplane is going to fly high. If you work within it's limitations (and you PMDG guys did a fantastic job on this AP which I have never explored until now 😎) it'll achieve the required performance. Neil try these conditions: 88,000 LBS, 2400 RPM, 24" minimum MAP, Gear DOWN, Flaps 30, 130 KIAS, Cowl Flaps 2, AUTO RICH. Remember that this AP cannot "capture" a GS, as soon as you command APPR and deselect ALT HLD it pitches for a GS wherever it is. Also it's a little slow (gives a smooth ride?), give it a chance to do it's thing. Robert Toten
  11. Just completed flight check. Autopilot performs as expected for this vintage. Autopilot has no problem adjusting to gear and flap extension, kept normal pitch values throughout. Turns had minor pitch deviations but nothing unusual. Appears to successfully track a localizer provided you capture it with the turn knob first (struggles with a 26kt direct crosswind 🙂). Glideslope coupling requires disengagement of altitude hold. I highly suspect you had insufficient speed thus the pitch up as it tried to maintain altitude. Robert Toten
  12. Sounds like you're letting it get too slow. Robert Toten
  13. Yeah that's how I interpret it. It doesn't impact my ability to control the aircraft, and I prefer some smoothness to "twitchy" controls which have no heft and immediately react to my stick. Robert Toten
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