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  1. Thanks for the reply. I don't quite know what you mean by "pointing to". I still have V4.5 on my system, but in V5 Chaseplane won't even install. I looks like it installs but disappears when I start the sim. A couple of times a message has appears that Chaseplane is not yet compatible with V5 and please be patient. I tried to submit a ticket at Parallet 42 but the site will not let me register. Martin
  2. I am trying to get Chaseplane to work wiith P3D V5. The ORBX site says that Chaseplane is compatible with V5 but I can't get it to work. There are some entries in the forum that suggest some have it working in V5. Any suggestion as to get this working would be appreciated. Martin.
  3. I don't see any reduction in frame rates. However, I have the device running off my pc onboard video card because my main video card will only run 4 monitors, and I need 5 with the PWS 530. I don't know if this makes a difference or not.
  4. In case anyone is interested in the Propwash product (link is in my first post on this topic) I purchased the Propwash PWS530 and have now used it for several flights. There were a couple of issues getting it up and running, mainly due to my multiple monitor setup. When I first realized there was a problem I sent off an email to the Propwash website and got a reply very quickly from Kyle at Propwash, even tho he was travelling at the time. Kyle was very helpful in solving my issues. The device is now built into my panel. The buttons and dials work as expected and I am finding it much more precise and realistic than using the mouse to input flight plans, radio frequencies etc. Also, it does not take up space on my main monitors. In am happy with the product. Martin
  5. I know this thread is a bit old, but is there a way to update the navdata in the 530? I sent an email to Garmin and was pleased to get a reply, but was just advised to contact Realityxp. I am frequently looking for waypoints that the 530 does not have in its database. I would pay for uupdated navdata. Thanks. Martin
  6. One further update - after rebooting my system and loading the aircraft with the gps I see that I was not using the legacy mouse settings after all. I am now and it is better, so thanks again for this suggestion. Martin
  7. Again, thank you for the replies. I have looked thru the manual several times, but I looked again and found how to get to advanced settings. I checked and it looks like I have been using the legacy mouse settings all along. I guess I set this up when I first got the gps, but don't recall for sure. I don't want to give the impression that I am not using the gps because of frustrations with the mouse. I actually use it frequently and manage ok despite the frustrations. I just think that having actual dials etc would be a major plus over the mouse, and that is why I am interested int the Propwash product. So I would still like to hear if anyone has had experience with the PWS530. Martin
  8. Thanks for the reply. I actually don't know what you mean by "legacy" mouse. I assume I am using the standard mouse. I have searched "legacy mouse" and can't find anything that seems to apply here. Perhaps you could provide a bit more information for me. Martin
  9. I have been using the Reality GNS 530 for a while and find it a bit frustrating using the mouse to manage the unit. I have been looking at the Propwashsim PWS530 and was wondering if anyone has this product and if so what they think of it. Here is a link to the site - https://www.propwashsim.com/store/new-propwashsim-gns530-simulated-gps-flight-simulation-gps-great-instrument-trainer Thanks for any feedback. Martin
  10. This is an update to my previous post. In case others have the same question, I have figured out how to get your own GPS coordinates into the Reality 530. First of all, you need to set up your system so that flight plans can be saved. The manual tells you how to do this. The GPS will start with your current airport location. You then need to input a waypoint that does not exist. The GPS will ask if you want to create this waypoint. Say yes to this. The saved waypoint will show the GPS coordinates of your current location, ie; your starting airport. Then save the flight plan. Now go the folder set up earlier where flight plans are saved. Open the flight plan with Notepad and change the GPS coordinates to the desired coordinates. You will need to convert the coordinates from minutes, seconds etc. to a decimal number. A quick google search will bring up a website that will do this for you. Now save the edited flight plan in notepad, and the GPS will allow you to import this edited flight plan showing the desired GPS coordinates as a waypoint. Takes a few minutes, but it worked for me. Martin
  11. I would like to set up the GPS so that the aircraft will fly to GPS coordinates. Is it possible to input the GPS coordinates manually into the 530? Thanks for any suggestions. Martin
  12. I am trying to fly to Trident Basis Seaplane Base (T44). In P3D flght planner, T44 shows on the map but when I actually fly to it I am still over land even tho the flight planner map shows that I am at the right location. I am using the default GPS in the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended aircraft. I get the same result using FS-Flightcontrol. If I set P3D to start the flight at T44, the aircraft is on the ground surrounded by buildings and trees. Can anyone suggest a fix for this, or is there another way to have the aircraft location actually match up with the location shown on the flght plan map? Thanks for any suggestions. Martin Cook
  13. When the camera is in the pilot view., move the camera forward to get 2d view.
  14. 2d cockpit view is available as a Chaseplane preset by moving the camera forward.
  15. My problem has been solved and I am posting the solution for the benefit of anyone else having the same issue. I submitted my question to Chaseplane and was advised that the view I wanted (clear view forward without window panels or other obstructions) could be obtained with Chaseplane by moving the view forward. So I tried that and it works perfectly. So problem solved, and thank you to Chaseplane. Martin
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