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  1. In the Aerosoft Twin Otter, I am trying to bind the "External Battery" switch to a button on my Honeycomb Bravo using Spadnxt. A working solution has eluded me so far. Has anyone been able to do this? Perhaps a similar control in a different aircraft? I even tried Lorby but was not successful their either. MSFS 2020; Windows 10. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Martin
  2. It looks to me like the generator being on is the default position but I may have turned it off by mistake. I will make sure it is on and will need to try a longer flight to see if I have the problem again. Thank you for the reply. Martin
  3. Twice now the power to all my electronics in the Cessna C208b (Black Square Analog version) has been lost halfway thru a 160 mile flight. The engine keeps running and controls work but no instruments or readouts. Is this a common thing? Probably some kind of failure in the aircraft. Has anyone had this issue and have a suggestion as to what to do about it? Thank you. Martin
  4. Problem solved. Thanks so much for the help.
  5. I have lost the function of the Esc key due to my own stupidity in saving a new Keyboard profile without the Esc assigned, Can someone tell me how to get to "Controls" without the Esc key so I can reset the keyboard profile to default. F12 does not do it. Thanks for any suggestions. Martin
  6. In P3d a "new" view can be undocked and moved to another monitor. Is there a way to do something similar in MSFS 2020, or payware or free software available that will accomplish this? Thanks for any suggestions. Martin
  7. I know this post is dated but I am having the same issue - flightplan export from LNM in .pln format but MSFS is looking for .flt format. RWY12 I would be interested in how you figured out where you were going wrong, and how to load the .pln format into MSFS. Many thanks for your help. Martin
  8. I understand this topic is a bit dated, but here goes anyway. I have been using p3d since it became available and now on v5. I am interested in MSFS and did try the $1 version when it came out but was not able to make it work. In p3d I have 5 monitors - 3 for wide view from the cockpit (Nvidia surround) and two for instruments. It is very easy to set up the 5 monitors in p3d. Also, I only fly four aircraft - PMDG 737, Aerosoft CRJ, Aerosoft Twin Otter and Majestic Q400. Is there a viewer with experience who can advise me as to whether I could set up MSFS to match my p3d set up, and comment on the MSFS equivalent of the four aircraft. Thanks for any replies. Martin
  9. Thanks for the replies. I uninstalled p3d v5.2 and reinstalled v 5.1 and the problem has gone away, so it does appear to be a p3d issue. Will talk to Propwash.
  10. I downloaded and installed the p3d 5.2 update shortly before the Realityxp update and it was working ok after the 5.2 install. at least I think it was. I could be wrong about this. Do you think I should go back to the p3d 5.1 and see if it works?
  11. A problem has come up with my Propwash PWS530 device since I installed the latest update for Realityxp. Is is possible to revert to an earlier version? The problem is that the buttons/dials on the Propwash do not activate the 530 when the screen is moved to the device (device screen remains static) but the device buttons/dials do control the 530 when the screen is moved to the pc. Hope this makes sense. Using P3D V5.2. Thanks for any help. Martin
  12. Good morning forum. I have my hat switch set up using the black.red settings and it works fine in all aircraft except the 737ngx. In this aircraft the view scrolls too quickly and it is difficult to set it in one spot. Is there an adjustment for this? Using P3D V5.1 Thanks. Martin
  13. Bert, thank you very much. I have been struggling with this for a couple of days and now it seem fine. Martin
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