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  1. Hi all, Some wonderful work on here already ! I was wondering if somebody would consider doing the Hibiscus livery for Malaysia Airlines ? It was a spectacular sight in real life :)
  2. I've been grappling with this since the 747 v3 was released but unfortunately it seems that FSPassengers is simply just not compatible with it. Your best bet is to also post this over at the FSPassenger forum, it can certainly use the added attention. I'm not counting on much support from the developer but hopefully maybe some in the community will eventually find & share another workaround. For now it's reason for me to look into alternatives. I've enjoyed many hours with FSPassengers but i'm probably moving to FSCaptain.
  3. 9MMPQ

    Delta B777

    That was 9M-MRH. Bought for parts & It's now sitting in Phoenix, Arizona.
  4. Bump ... i have come across a suggestion to delete the VABB_RWY9_LIGHT.BGL & VABB_RWY14_LIGHT fields. This does fix the elevation problem for me but obviously kills the runway lights in the process. I am not sure (yet?) if i can open and modify these files myself as i have only used ADEX which can not open them and truth be told, i am no expert on BGL files as i really only amend parking spots to my liking. But maybe this is a clue for someone with more knowledge of editing BGL files like these ?
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