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  1. This is great. The registry edit fixed my issue with another simmarket installer. Thanks!
  2. Anybody have working night lighting on AS Madrid in p3d v3.4?
  3. jscarano

    P3D 3.4

    I mean NG, my bad
  4. jscarano

    P3D 3.4

    Does Simstarter work on P3D 3.4? thanks
  5. I just tried it in P3D 3.2.3 and it works fine. Keep in mind I used Estonia Migration tool also.
  6. Im using p3d 3.2 and I get Simconnecterror which says EXCEPTION=3 Sendid-8924 Index=3 cbdata=24. How do I fix this?? thanks
  7. So I had p3d 3.1 and UT2 worked fine. I did a full uninstall of 3.1 and installed 3.2 . I installed UT2 again like I did before with estonia migration tool like normal. I do get 3 or 4 error windows when I do open UT2 control panel though. I dont understand why?? I figured out that when I do get those stop sign errors when I load p3d it does not load utservices at all. I load utservices manually and can see UT2 in add-on menu but see no AI at all. Which is probably because of the UT2 control panel errors. Also I get two stop sign errors instead of one not sure why
  8. Im havng issues getting it to run on p3d 3.2. I had it running ok in p3d 3.1 but I had to completely uninstall 3.1 and then install 3.2. So I reinstalled UT2 . Everytime I start p3d now I get that red stop sign saying I need to reboot. I did reboot but still getting red stop sign every boot up of p3d. I hear the boot up sound though but not UT2 in addon menu :-( . What am I doing wrong.
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