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  1. Ah okay, and can you give me a link to the Shade program? I think I'll resort to that. As long as it can guarantee it works, I'm fine with paying.
  2. Ok, I understand and appreciate your reply, but I have a question-why does the d3d9.dll works for some but not for others? Is it because of the addons they have or something else?
  3. Okay, so ever since I have installed ENB series, I get this message on startup, in a simple window that says "Assertion failed" and something about the fsx.exe. I tested this, and when I remove the d3d9.dll file, which came from ENB, FSX runs perfectly, but then ENB doesn't work. Any advice?
  4. Ok, so I verified that UAC is completely off. Even before I posted this topic, I had installed GSX without my antivirus running. After that, I did exclude the fsdreamteam folder from scans, the FSX main folder, and some of the dlls. Maybe if i exclude the actual GSX dll that will work? And I also tried running FSX without the antivirus on. Didn't work. Anything else I can do? Thanks in advance. I have been looking on their forums and found something that relates to the runtimes, but I don't really know what they do. On the forums, they said you need to uninstall the 2005 ones to replace with updated ones, or install the 2013 ones. Any help with that?
  5. Okay, so I've installed GSX recently. It works for the first about 3-4 times I open my flight sim, but then it disappears from the menu bar. I've tried the no-antivirus install, but it doesn't make any difference. I also added some of the GSX files to my exclusion list. Any help?
  6. Hello all! So, yesterday i was in my sim and GSX didn't appear in the menu bar. Does this mean its not responding? Any help?
  7. Hello all! So, yesterday i was in my sim and GSX didn't appear in the menu bar. Does this mean its not responding? Any help?
  8. Yeah, i fiddled a bit with the drivers and it seems to be working just fine, EZDok and my joy simultaneously. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hello all! So recently, I've become a new EZDOK user. Don't get me wrong, it's a great piece of software. So today, I was ready to do a flight with it, but when I plugged my joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro), the joystick was unresponsive and nothing worked... all i really need is the crucial controls- rudder, ailerons, elevators... Please, any help is appreciated.
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