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  1. The game is in desperate need of optimising, the load times alone are intolerable even with a NVMe drive. It actually performs much worse for me than it did in Alpha or Beta even on some lower settings. Not sure what happened. Maybe it is because it is on a different drive to my OS or something? Hoping for a fix soon.
  2. CPU does become a bottleneck on higher settings if it is mismatched with the GPU. For example my i5 6600K OC would bottleneck my 1080Ti somewhat as it would hit 100% usage.
  3. Strange how people go out of their way to object to other peoples wishes. Moving trains help to easily identify where a rail line is in VFR for starters but how would nice ground traffic including trains and shipping make the sim worse and not better? Also ground traffic helps breath life into the environment and helps with immersion just as higher fidelity graphics do. Complaining that something isn't 100% necessary is a foolish argument, great graphics aren't 100% necessary but they are why most people will be switching to MFS from other sims regardless what a tiny user base of elitist simmers think..
  4. Not only are they simulating cloud bursts they are realtime and so you can see the walls of rain moving with the cells
  5. Everyone who has purchased SC is an Alpha tester, no passport required. And Evocati leak all the time.
  6. Development is NEVER faster than expected in software development.
  7. If only our post modernist architects would take note. London is a collection of eye sores.
  8. All you guys who upgraded to 32GB could roll the dice again and take a stick or two out and go back to 16GB I feel your pain though.
  9. Yes, nothing against what the OP wrote but I think we need to worry about having waterfalls in the sim at all (It would be a first for a flight sim after all) before how the lighting may react with it.
  10. Did you formerly live in the Soviet run Eastern block? Asking for a friend.
  11. I'm sure it is coming soon 🙈🙉🙊 I do wonder what is holding testing back though, very little information on that. At least we know they are working hard on development in the meanwhile so when alpha starts the full game will be nearer complete, so less waiting 🙂
  12. I wonder how varied the autogen will be, especially for different regions of the world and how good the textures will be? I expect they will be PBR but I hope they are much more varied and regional than vanilla Xplane.
  13. I would certainly get one if I could afford it 🙂 Coupled with next gen VR and this sim, heaven!
  14. British Only EGCC EGLC EGCB I will rely on others for airport overseas. 😉 But OMDB
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