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  1. This thread is cruel, like asking a kid to make Xmas list in July. 😜
  2. Fair enough, maybe I was too serious. I just don't want the issue to be seen as low priority because the devs believe people are relatively happy with it because it is still "better" than what we have now.
  3. Xplane barely has any pop in, far less than some of that I have seen in FS2020. I don't think some people recognise the extent of the problem perhaps they haven't watched some the videos where the scenery is constantly popping and morphing? Look at the ground scenery in the video below, how can you can anyone say that is less pop in than Xplane (unless you run Xplane on a potato I guess?) I think getting 6 upvotes will only mislead the devs into believing it isn't an issue. Yes it is pre-alpha but it is something that needs attention and to be greatly improved so as not to distract from the otherwise stunning visuals. How can you have immersion with scenery constantly popping and morphing?
  4. It was a bit odd that they said the clamour for VR support had died down as if people cared less about it all of a sudden. Of course it is just that they have already responded and said they acknowledged the feedback and want to implement it that has resulted in less, "Will it have VR threads" The demand is still there and I hope Asobo don't require us to constantly make pointless threads reiterating our interest in a part of development to save it dropping off the priorities list.
  5. Could be a bit of drawback. I wouldn't say my home city of Manchester England was an obscure city in global terms but the data seems a few years out of date with missing skyscrapers (they aren't even being built in street view!) But then we know there are only 400 random cities with photogrammetry as well, I guess it just pot luck for now on how well and accurately your hometown will be represented but the good news is that what is represented looks amazing and we will constantly be getting updates which means new cities to visit flying VFR all the time.
  6. I would like to see one on the AI (Machine learning) autogen and photogrammetry and what they expect for the future from this technology.
  7. Good point, I guess that could be it. In that case it would be good to see it in lower resolutions.
  8. Surely if there was Aliasing in the original video then that would show up regardless since you are seeing reproduction not rendering from scratch? Certainly if I recorded Xplane the aliasing was evident even at lower resolution recordings obviously it wouldn't show in a still. (except as jagged edges) Personally I am viewing at 1080p Yes it will be interesting to see the rendering options once we are in beta.
  9. Purely on the ground eye candy side this is my wish-list. (And apologies as some of these will probably have already been mentioned 68 pages) Animated wind turbines and windmills. Factory smoke and steam. weather ground effects such as wet runways, roofs, roads etc Animated trains. Animated Ferris wheels - possibly roller coaster at theme parks? Improved road traffic (especially at roundabouts, bridges, junctions and dead ends to avoid/reduce obvious anomalies such as floating vehicles, passing through each other and instant 180's) Pylons and telegraph poles.
  10. Since I have been watching the videos and appreciating the stunning visuals I have just realised that the realism is in large part not just down to graphical fidelity but the rock solid way it is displayed (putting aside pop in) There is absolutely no sign of aliasing or "jaggies" in any of the videos and certainly no z fighting or flickering as seen in Xplane so I am wondering how this is achieved (which method of AA is being used and at what setting for example)? Perhaps somebody who has been fortunate enough to get a hands on or has read the information elsewhere can tell us what settings were available and what they were set at?
  11. It is certainly great to know the data will constantly be updated so coverage and quality can only improve with time. On top of that the AI algorithms and machine learning that drive the autogen can only get better with more iterations and time. This sim will have inbuilt graphic future-proofing unlike any other. (At least theoretically)
  12. I think it is an issue that they will be aware of but it is good to let them know it should be a priority as far as visuals are concerned. The thing is we don't know what is causing it, it could be a combination of things. I am assuming it is not easy to solve or they would have done it already or possibly it could be that we are just seeing some unoptimised areas on the videos as some areas seem far worse affected than others. Certainly it would be a great shame to have photorealistic scenery that really immerses the user only to have that destroyed by constant popping. For now it is enough Asobo know it is an issue we would like to see ironed out and no doubt we will hear more about it as alpha builds progress.
  13. I have said this in other threads but the biggest thing that detracts from the gorgeous visuals, or even the not so gorgeous visuals IMO, is pop in and abrupt LOD changes which are very noticeable in some video we have seen. But without more information there is no real way to know if the devs consider it an issue with the engine or it just needs fine tuning or it just requires some optimisation down the line that they are confident will fix it. They will almost certainly be concentrating on functionality for the initial alpha phases anyway so graphics and non core elements such as road traffic or improving trees etc will be lower priority for now but that doesn't mean they are not working on them or at least looking to improve them. I'm genuinely excited in watching this project progress, devouring all information, and patiently awaiting each new update from the devs.
  14. Surprised by the comment he didn't notice any pop in or jarring LOD changes since they are quite prevalent in the footage I have seen. Still, it is pre-alpha, and I can't see this being anything but a must buy on release for any flight sim enthusiast.
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