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  1. norfolkmike

    ORBX You Rock

    As someone who has been using the PlaySim's version of England and Scotland (as well as most of Europe in Freeware) for quite some time now, the prospect of an OrbX PhotoReal UK, Ireland,Netherlands and Germany is quite exciting! The 'new tech' showcased in the NL screen shots, where buildings have a proper scale and shape looks really promising, so good times ahead! My biggest issue is what platform I'd choose to run it on? Some say P3D V4 doesn't render photoscenery particularly well? Aerofly FS2 has the frames, but not the planes? I currently run FSX at a LOD of 8.5 which keeps the dreaded 'blurries' at bay, even with the PMDG NGX, but the introduction of all that autogen on a 32 bit platform might soon propel me into OOM land, and neither X-Plane or Aerofly play host to the A2A stable of addon aircraft, unless their forthcoming announcement suggests otherwise? I want to make the jump to VR next year too, so lots to think about .
  2. norfolkmike

    France Photoreal freeware

    Wow, all files downloaded and the whole of France to explore! Thanks again for sharing this magnificent scenery! Its certainly one I'll be using a lot, both for low and slow, and high altitude flights from the UK to LEPA. Brilliant!
  3. norfolkmike

    France Photoreal freeware

    I'm having a few difficulties downloading these files, mainly due to technical stuff I don't fully understand (Such as HTTP 403:Forbidden errors), BUT, I'm getting there! Just wanted to say 'thanks', and my word, this scenery offering is AMAZING!! I'm SOOOO looking forwards to the Northern half, as I've only got three files left to download from the 1st instalment.
  4. norfolkmike

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    3 questions, if I may. Mine will be a dual install...I currently have and use the DVD version. 1. Will the FSX steam desktop icon differ from the old retail version, or will it have to be launched from the root folder if I have FSX x 2? 2. Will Nvidea inspector recognise FSX Steam, in order to apply the VSych half refresh rate setting separately? 3. Will the FTX Global lights work okay if using FSX Steam in DX9 mode? Maybe another quick question...I'm guessing that once FSX Steam is installed, any subsequent uninstalls of the DVD version will necessitate uninstalling FSX Steam also, as IT has to be installed AFTER the DVD version, correct? Cheers, Mike.
  5. I'm still tempted to buy it, just to keep all my photo scenery 'in house' so to speak. I like the fact that MSE bunches everything into one simple folder, such as 'Belgium', which I guess you could do with the Horizon England/Wales if you knew what you was doing (I probably don't). Any chance of a screenshot to show just how bad these MSE England/Wales coastal areas actually are?
  6. My main gripe with the Horizon/Playsims product is this: That awful colouration that seems to tarnish great swathes of my East Anglian homeland. If the M.S.E version doesn't suffer from those garish hues, then for me, it'll be worth the purchase just for that! I'm guessing that I can still use the Horizon mesh and Vectors with the M.S.E England and Wales package, which will go a long way in eliminating the coastal issues noted by many users?
  7. That's a little disappointing. Whilst I have nothing against the Playsims/Horizon VFR, it would have been nice to have everything 'in house'. I have the MSE Netherlands, Belgium as well as a growing collection of NA states. I guess the MSE file size is lower than the Playsims version of England and Wales because it doesn't include the vectors, mesh or 3D objects? One thing I've found when overflying the Playsims/Horizon England, specifically in agricultural areas, is that some of the fields look almost hand tinted, often in garish hues of pink and orange. I'd hope the MSE version is better in that regard? As I'm also using UTX Europe, would that correct the vector issues around water bodies and coastlines do you think?
  8. norfolkmike

    Photo scenery Belgium 2012 re-uploaded

    I missed this AGAIN!! I so want Belgium as a compliment to NL2000 and my UK Photo scenery, but I keep missing the deadlines! Will this be resubmitted anywhere in the foreseeable future?